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Now is an opportune time to take advantage of summer temperatures by exploring new destinations – be it peaceful beach holidays, active adventures or culture-rich trips that await discovery.

The process of making plans for a trip during summer months can be a challenge. Deciding which location to go to, finding the ideal hotel and searching for flights and tours take a lot of time and time. This is the point at which Next Holidays, a Leading Tour Operator in UAE can help you.

Next Holidays has an extensive selection of All-Inclusive Summer Vacation Packages From UAE that will suit all kinds of budgets and interests. With their knowledge and experience, as well as a personal strategy, they’ll guide you in planning your perfect vacation, removing away the stress the process of planning your holiday.

Why Choose Next Holidays for Your Summer Adventure?

  • A huge network Next Holidays boasts a large selection of partners in travel which gives users access to a vast selection of accommodation, places to stay as well as activities.
  • Expert Travel Advisors group of experts in travel love traveling and possess a thorough understanding of all the locations. They’ll be in a position to take your needs and devise the perfect plan to your dream vacation.
  • Competitive Price They offer low-cost costs on flights, hotels and excursions to make sure that you get the best worth for the money.
  • The Easy Book Next Holidays takes care of everything from accommodations and flights, as well as tours and other activities, so that you are able to focus on creating lasting memories.
  • Unbeatable Support: Their team will be available 24/7 to support you on your journey, to make sure you have your trip is enjoyable and relaxed.

Popular Summer Holiday Destinations in 2024

Summer Holiday Destinations

This is a look at some places that will be sought-after by tourists for the 2024 summer holiday season. We also have Top Deals on Holiday Packages which are available through the next holidays:

  • Europe Explore the fascinating culture, rich history and breathtaking landscape that is Europe. Explore the most famous cities like Paris, Rome, or London as well as the picturesque villages and towns found throughout Italy, Greece, or Spain.

Next Holidays Summer in Europe Package:

  • The package could comprise travel, lodging in a hotel within the city, tour tours to well-known attractions. There are also additional alternatives like skip-the-line tickets and trips to nearby destinations.
  • Southeast Asia: Southeast Asia is an exciting blend of diverse cultures, food as well as stunning beautiful natural scenery. Enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Thailand and visit temples which date from Cambodia or trek through the lush forest that are Vietnam.

Next Holidays Southeast Asian Adventure Package:

  • It could also comprise flights, accommodation in luxury beach resorts, excursions to museums, as well as other thrilling activities, such as white water rafting, and elephant treks.
  • Maldives Get away to the beauty of the Maldives the Maldives, which is a paradisal place of high-end resorts, crystal-clear blue seas and white sandy beach. Take a underwater dive or snorkeling adventure with colorful coral reefs or simply enjoy the peaceful setting.

Next Holidays Maldives Bliss Package:

  • The package can consist of luxurious accommodations at the beach, tasty dishes, adrenaline-pumping water activities, and spa treatments which will provide you with an unforgettable rest.
  • Turkey Find out about the diverse heritage and diverse landscape that is Turkey. Indulge in the bustling city of Istanbul and take a look at the fiery balloons that cruise across Cappadocia as you relax at the beautiful beach of Turkmenistan’s Turkish Riviera.

Next Holidays Turkish Delights Package:

  • The package could consist of flights, lodging in beautiful hotels, guides to the historical locations, or an opportunity to fly in the hot air balloon to Cappadocia (optional additional).
  • Dubai (Staycation) Dubai (Staycation) people who’d prefer staying closer to the city they call home staying in Dubai is an ideal vacation spot for the this summer. Experience the best hotels, theme parks and the vibrant nightlife Dubai has to offer.

The holiday that follows is just around the corner. Dubai Sizzle Package: Summer Sizzle Package:

  • This package may include an extravagant stay at well-known Dubai hotels as well as tickets at a discounted price for famous tourist sites like Aquaventure Waterpark, the Burj Khalifa, and Aquaventure Waterpark and special deals at restaurants and spas.

Tips for Booking Your Summer Holiday

These are just a few ideas to organize your Summer Holiday & Tour Packages from Next Holidays: 

  • Be sure to make reservations before the deadline the most popular destinations as well as hotels can fill up quickly in peak seasons. To ensure you get the most affordable rates and not to be disappointed, make sure to reserve your summer holiday well before the time.
  • Check out your budget: Next holidays offer a variety of choices at different price points. Talk about your budget with your travel advisor who will help you choose the most suitable package to meet your needs.
  • Be flexible about times If you’re flexible about the dates you travel to You may be able to get lower hotel rooms and flights. You should take into consideration traveling in the off-seasons

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