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If you need to add lighting to your house or place of business, consider installing a light switch or socket. Although they are significantly different from one another and have other uses, both of these devices can be used to manage the power supply to an electrical lighting fixture. Selecting the ideal choice for your area can be facilitated by being aware of the distinctions between a switch and a socket. Below mentioned are the differences between switches and sockets: 


The element that creates or breaks an electrical circuit is a switch. Switches can generate or break circuits manually or automatically, depending on your needs. The two primary mechanisms that switches operate on are ON, which opens an electrical circuit, and OFF, which closes one. Toddler switches are frequently used at home to provide electricity to lights, fans, and other equipment.  

Many different types of switches are available on the market, and each type has a specific purpose. At home, mercury or quiet switches are also used to regulate light electricity usage.  


An electrical socket, commonly referred to as a wall socket or an electrical outlet, is a piece of equipment that facilitates the connection of electrical appliances or equipment to the electrical grid. The apparatus that offers an alternate current to the electrical outlet or appliances is known as the electrical grid. You should pick the best electrical components manufacturersfor the best quality sockets.  

How do electrical circuit switches and sockets function? 

  • Electrical switch: 

Electrical switches function as intended. Turntable switches are the most widely used switches in the world. The switch designs used by the dimmer circuit and the three-way circuit are identical. In a three-way circuit, two switches control a single device, such as a fan or lamp. Nevertheless, the dimmer circuits only use the electricity they generate.  

Electricity can only flow freely in a continuous loop without restriction on its movement. The electric circuit will not conduct electricity when the loop is broken. When the electric switch’s ON/OFF toggle is pushed to the off position, the loop is broken and when the toggle is pushed to the ON position, the loop is finished. 

  • Electrical socket: 

Power plants or power lines deliver electricity to your home or business. A circuit breaker then distributes the electricity or current. Every electrical outlet is linked to a circuit breaker at your house or place of business.  

There are three holes in the electrical circuit, they are the neutral hole is the first and is situated to the left of the socket. To the right of the socket is the second hot hole. The ground hole, often found on top of the socket, is the third hole.  

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