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Be it traditional Indian attire; a blauj is an integral part of outfitting. Any blauj will work well with your outfit for a wedding, festival, or any casual get-together. It’s now easier than ever to get the perfect blauj online with online shopping at its peak. The following guide will help you suppress all available options and finally pick up ladies’ blauj for any occasion.

Importance of a Good Blauj


A well-fitted blauj not only complements your sari but also enhances your overall appearance. It accentuates that body shape, gives you elegance, and above all, you would be comfortable. From traditional designs to modern styles, the market is flooded with the latest blauj options in fashion, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Types of Blauj


Traditional Blauj

These are the traditional designs that have been prevalent since time immemorial. They usually depict exquisite embroidery, mirror work, and heavy embellishments. Traditional sari blauj are perfect for weddings and other festive occasions.


Modern Blauj

These modern blauj designs incorporate the most contemporary elements of off-shoulder styles, deep necks, and backless patterns. They are perfect for parties and other casual get-togethers where you want to create a fashion statement.


Designer Blauj

They come in different cuts, different patterns, and fabrics. They are often custom-made to fit perfectly and are ideal for high-profile events and weddings.


Printed Blauj

Printed blauj are versatile and can be used for casual as well as formal occasions. They come in a lot of different prints like florals, geometrical patterns, and abstract designs.


How to Choose the Perfection Blauj Online

Shopping for a blauj online could be fascinating and overwhelming. Here is what will help you make the right choice:

Know Your Measurements


Always have your measurements handy. Most of the time, the size charts are available online for different stores.


Fabric Matters


Choose the fabric based on the occasion and the weather. Silk and brocade blauj are perfect for weddings; at the same time, cotton and chiffon go well when it comes to casual outings.


Check Reviews

Always go through the reviews before purchasing. These will help you with information regarding the fitting, quality, and overall satisfaction of the customers with the product.


Return Policy

Make sure that the return policy is good before ordering an item. This would be useful when the blauj doesn’t fit well or when you’re not satisfied with the quality.


Trends in Latest Blauj

Modern blauj trends are all about experimentation and fusion of the old with the new. Here are some of the blauj trends for this season:


Cold Shoulder Blauj


This style has been in trend for quite a long time, and continues to be in vogue as it possesses the ability to modernize the traditional sari.


Sheer Blauj

Sheer fabrics like net and organza are used to bring about ethereal-looking and stylish blauj designs. They are glamorous and full of charm, therefore apt for evening wear.

High Neck Blauj

High neck blaujs are back in vogue. They are classy, elegant, and formal in nature.


Embroidery and Applique Work

Delicate embroidery and applique work is in vogue. They give a rich feeling and opulence to the blauj.


Styling Your Blauj

What sets it apart is how you are going to stylize your blauj. 


Here are some tips:


The kind of jewellery that you can wear will depend on your blauj. So if you’re going to wear heavily worked sari blauj, then dainty jewelry will work best. Nowadays, you have statement pieces that look really good with simpler designs.

Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup must also go well with the attire. For traditional blauj, go for the classic bun or braids. In case you are wearing modern design blauj, you can do experiments with loose curls or a sleek ponytail.


Draping Style

Your sari-draping style may also enhance the way your blauj looks. Experiment with the different draping styles that will suit you possessedly.



An aptly chosen blauj helps raise your entire look, making you confident and beautiful. Be it the traditional sari blauj or the latest trends in blauj, the choices are endless. By following the tips shared in this guide, you can find the perfect ladies blauj online with great ease. So go ahead and shop!


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