The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Student Accommodation for Study Abroad in 2024

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It’s an exciting time to be in your second year of college. You’ve finished your first year, made some friends, lived in residence halls, and overall had a taste of what it’s like to be a student. In their second year, most students go out on their own and choose to live with their new university mates, though some will want to stay in the residence halls.

Here are some tips for second-year university students before venturing into the unknown world of renting.

Make sure you pick your new roommates wisely

Selecting your flatmate for the second year and beyond is an exciting prospect, but proceed with caution as this is a significant choice. Consider how familiar you truly are with them. Particularly if you want to move in with acquaintances to the student accommodation you made while enrolled in your study. It’s one thing to spend a few hours a day together, but will you get along well enough to live together for an extended amount of time?

If you’re moving in with friends you met in the first-year residence halls, think about how much stronger your friendship would be if they weren’t always “borrowing” your food!

Do compare prices

Rent costs can vary greatly depending on where you’re attending college, so as a group, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to determine which location is ideal for you.

Rent is typically greater the closer you reside to the university. Don’t forget to take other things into account. For example, are any of you drivers? If so, is there any way you could save money by moving a bit further away?

In order to avoid becoming stuck and using up your whole student loan on cab rides to and from classes, it’s also a good idea to find out how near you will be to local transit options during your study abroad programme.

Avoid being the party animal

It can be easy to have endless parties and go overboard with the festivities and thrill of being fully autonomous. You want your house to be the place where people return after a night out, but it’s okay to throw the occasional party and grow your social circle.

It may sound enjoyable, but in reality, your second year of university will bring with it more work, and there will be instances when you must buckle down and do your assignments. As a result, you’ll need a peaceful space at home where you can finish work or unwind after a demanding day. Balance is key because nobody wants to live in a perpetual party environment—that will grow old quickly.

Avoid waiting too long

When it comes to picking their university housing, one of the most frequent mistakes made by students is to wait until the last minute and then either rush to find roommates or look frantically for a place that hasn’t been taken.

Give yourself plenty of time; choose your flatmate by the end of the first year, and start looking as soon as possible. Before everyone heads home for the summer, you need to make arrangements for housing and have your agreement in place.

Make sure that everyone is content

It’s normal for two or three group members to take the lead when looking for student housing, as long as everyone has an opportunity to see it for themselves and determines whether or not they’re satisfied with everything.

Making decisions on someone else’s behalf or thinking that someone will be content with the box room (there is always a box room) are surefire ways to spark conflict in the future. Discuss who gets each room in a responsible manner; if you can’t come to an agreement, you may always choose by drawing straws. Even yet, ensure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome because these resentments will eventually surface.

You should be able to determine amongst yourselves who really needs the en suite and who can get by with a single bed if you surround yourself with the appropriate people and they’re all sensible.

Selecting your living arrangements for your second year of university is a significant step towards being a self-sufficient and mature adult. You will probably look back and regret some of your decisions, but the experience will be educational and beneficial to your growth as a person.

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