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Student Rental Properties in Preston to Meet Your Budget   

Preston City is one of the oldest cities in the world and it has a history which spans nearly two millennia. This city is the administrative center of Lancashire, England. Preston is an impressive metropolitan which was founded after the early medieval history of the country. It is situated between the canals of the River Ribble. The city is known to have an essential industry and importance to the nation. It is the center of English commerce, transportation, and culture. Moreover, Preston is a highly connected city that borders with different surrounding metropolitan areas comprising of Lancaster, Ormskirk as well as Bradford. The city has also gained a significant influx of visitors who are international students. This is one of the best locations over here for international education. It hosts more than 80,000 students every year. It is also home to different best facilities comprising of the University of Central Lancashire, Preston University, and many more. In this place, you can find some of the finest but affordable student accommodation in Preston.    

 Some of the best properties in Preston to meet your budget include:  

1. The Tramshed Preston:

The Tramshed Preston

The Tramshed Preston has set a new benchmark for student accommodation here. it is situated in the heart of the city which is known for its unique style and modern features. Ideally located within walking distance from the University of Central Lancashire and around 30 minutes from Lancaster University, this accommodation is just perfect. The area has good public transportation links which can help you reach the desired destination in a short amount of time. The nearest street and bus station are within walking distance only. However, the train station is also located close by. The Preston train station is also 9 minutes away making traveling throughout much easier. So, you need not worry about any unnecessary travel when visiting family and friends. 

2. Urban Hub Preston:

If you are searching for luxurious student housing in Preston right at the heart of the city, Urban Hub is one of the best places. this brand-new accommodation is situated right near the UCLan campus. This offers you a safe and clean environment with some of the best amenities. There is also a wide range of rooms to select from. This suits everyone’s budget. Thanks to its excellent location which connects you with the nearest transit spots, you can travel here with ease. The closest bus stop is around 12 minutes walk away from the property and the closest train station is just 15 minutes drive away. Due to its proximity to the UCLA campus, you will never miss out on those few extra minutes of sleep.  

3. iQ Kopa Preston:

 iQ Kopa Preston:

iQ Kopa Preston is one of the modern student rooms in Preston which is situated at 130 Moor Lane Preston. It is a short walk to the Preston City Center. The students can easily reach their lectures on a tie as the student accommodation is only 10 minute walk away from the University of Central Lancashire. It is also well-connected to other universities and the city itself with the help of public transportation which is easily accessible. You can also select your own space from the wide range of studio rooms offered here. all of the rooms are included with a comfortable bed, a kitchen as well as dining space which makes inviting a couple of friends and enjoying a hearty meal on your list. There is also a separate wardrobe storage and ample storage so you do not have to worry about bringing too much luggage with you.  

4. Leighton Hall Preston:

Leighton Hall Preston

Another great student apartment in Preston which is conveniently located is the Leighton Hall Preston. It is only 4 minutes from the University of Central Lancashire. This makes it easy for the students to attend the morning lectures on time. It is also just a few minutes walk from the city center where you can spend your spare time between the lectures and also during the weekend.  

5. Warehouse Apartments:

This is another student accommodation which is located in Preston and it is the perfect abode for those who are attending the University of Central Lancashire. The university is around 3 minute’s walk away which is great for those who do not like to wake up early. These apartments offer the students with the best facilities that are helpful for those who are new to the city.  

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