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Sarees are ageless symbols of grace, elegance, and cultural heritage. Of course, with the right saree, you will shine as brightly as a star on a casual day out or a grand party. However, with so many available options nowadays, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This blog is dedicated to helping you through the art of picking up the right saree for women to look the best in all situations.

Knowing the Various Types of Sarees

Sarees come in many different fabrics, styles, and designs, each possessing a different type of appeal. Here’s a rundown of some popular types:


  1. Designer Sarees

Designer sarees are light in weight, very silky, and have an ideal wear during warm weather. It drapes well, thus flaunting your figure and giving you a tender, feminine look. Designer sarees are appropriate for casual outings and semi formal events.


  1. Silk Sarees

Silk sarees ooze with luxury and sophistication. They are worn at weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. The richness of texture and sheen of silk make it a favoured fabric among women who want to look the best.


  1. Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are ideal for everyday wear due to the comfort and breathability they provide to the wearer. Also not too high in maintenance, they make excellent everyday wear. However, cotton sarees can very well be stylish despite being the lowest on the style quotient scale. They come in many prints and colours whereby they can look really stylish.


  1. Georgette Sarees

Georgette sarees are light in texture, flowing in nature, and light to drape. They can be worn during casual as well as formal occasions. Most georgettes do come in bright prints and embellished work.


  1. Linen Sarees

Linen sarees are growing in popularity because of comfort and elegance. It is fit for summer and has a smart subtle look.


Choosing the Perfect Saree for Women

While choosing a saree, check for these things to ensure that you pick up the perfect one. 

  1. Occasion

The type of saree you should wear would be decided based on the nature of the occasion. For example, Designer sarees are perfect for any day time engagement or for simply an evening out with friends, while silk sarees are more appropriate for weddings or special occasions. Cotton and linen sarees are ideal for office wear and everyday use.


  1. Body Type

Your body type can influence the style and fabric of the saree that will look best on you:


Pear Shaped Body: Go for Designer or georgette sarees—that drape well, without any excess volume in your lower body.

Apple Shaped Body: Go for sarees with light types of fabrics, such as Designer or georgette; to work with minute embroidery and dark colours to create balance.

Hourglass Body: For this body type, most sarees do look good, but still, silk and georgette sarees tend to outline their curves very beautifully.

Rectangle Body: Those with rectangle bodies can minutely add some volume with sarees that are rich in embroidery or are bold to create some illusion.

  1. Color and Design

The colour and design of your saree bring a huge variation to your whole look. Keep the following things in your mind:

Skin Tone: Seek out colours that will complement your skin tone. Clearly, reds, oranges, and yellows suit warm, golden-toned skin. Cool skin tones look fine in blues, greens, and purples.

Occasion: Vibrant brights are suitable for parties, and pastels or toned-down shades do well for daytime events or less-formal occasions.

Design: If you like the traditional look, then go for sarees with traditional prints and motifs. If you want the feel of modernity to prevail through your outfit, then choose sarees with contemporary designs and patterns.

  1. Drape Style

The kind of drape you wear can alter your whole appearance. There are several types of draping styles that are available these days, and each provides a very different look. The popular forms include:


Nivi Style: This is the most prevalent draping style and hails from Andhra Pradesh. It is elegant and suitable for every type of situation.

Bengali Style: Wide pleats and the pallu draped over the shoulder give it a traditional touch to your overall getup.

Gujarati Style: Within this style, the pallu gets draped at the front that may be flaunting the intricate work on the saree.

Maharashtrian Style: It resembles a dhoti and is perfect for festive occasions.

Sarees for Women Party Wear

When it comes to party wear, sarees give a lot of options to make one stand out. Here are some tips to get you that perfect saree for women’s party wear:


  1. Fabric Choice

For parties, reach out for fabrics that exude elegance and glamour. Designer sarees are the best pick since they are light on the body and carry quite a great fall. Sarees made of georgette and silk are equally picked choices for party wear due to rich texture and the typical high-end feel.


  1. Embellishments

Look for sarees that have intricate embroidery, sequins, and beadwork. These embellishments surely lend a glamorous touch to the overall look and make it perfect for evening events. A heavily embellished saree can be teamed with minimal accessories to strike a balance in the overall look.


  1. Colour Palette:

Choose bold and vibrant colours that would call for parties. Shades of red, gold, blue, and black are timelessly in vogue. You could also try out metallic hues and jewel tones to make a statement.

Ladies Saree: Styling Tips and Tricks

Styling a saree definitely doesn’t only mean draping it. Here are a few tips that can up your saree looks:


  1. Design Your Blouse

It is the blouse that makes or breaks your saree look. Experiment with off-shoulder, backless, or other high necks. You can play here with fabrics, patterns, and embellishments to match your saree.


  1. Accessories

Accessories will help you nail your saree look. Statement jewellery will definitely add the glam factor along the lines of chandelier earrings, layered necklaces, bangles, and more. Don’t forget a matching clutch and elegant footwear.


  1. Hair and Makeup

Your hairstyle and makeup will complement your saree and the occasion. The traditional look would be to have a bun on top of your head, with flowers around it. The modern looks tend to include loose waves or an easy sleek ponytail. Your makeup must exude elegance, working either your eyes or lips.



Choosing the perfect saree for women is based on body type, the occasion, and personal style. Be it a saree for women’s party wear or just the casual ladies’ saree; the right choice will let you shine like a film star. In that case, being lightweight and graceful by virtue of its looks, Designer sarees are versatile to adorn any type of occasion. Logically, taking into view things like fabric, colour, design, and draping style, you’ll definitely find the perfect saree which would make you look beautiful and confident. Get on board with the evergreen sophistication of sarees and let your style shine through.

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