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When the mercury drops, the landscape transforms into a winter wonderland. A Shimla and Manali tour offers the tourists a snowy escape. Nestled in the Indian Himalayas, they offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, thrill and peace.

You may be an adventurer or someone loving to sip hot cocoa while watching the snowfall. In other words, Shimla and Manali have some thing for each one. Further, here’s a guide to the top things to do in the snow in these regions.

Shimla: The Queen of Hills

1: Mall Road Walks and Shopping

Shimla’s Mall Road, wrapped in snow, is a scenic sight. This bustling street, lined with colonial era buildings, firstly offers a unique shopping experience.

Meanwhile, stroll along the road, stopping by quaint shops. As they are selling woolen clothes, local hand made crafts, and tasty street food. The sight of twinkling lights shown off the snow adds a magic to your evening walks.

2: Ice Skating at the Shimla Ice Skating Club

The Shimla Ice Skating Club boasts the largest natural ice skating rink in South Asia. During December to February, the rink is a hotspot for ice skaters.

No matter that you’re a novice or an expert skater. Gliding on the ice amidst the snow capped ambiance is an ideal experience. The rink meanwhile hosts various ice skating events and shows, adding to the winter charm.

3: Trekking to Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill, the highest peak in Shimla, offers stunning views of the snow capped Shivalik Range. Trekking to the Jakhoo Temple, devoted to Lord Hanuman, is a famous activity.

The trail, wrapped in snow, winds through dense forests. That meanwhile makes the journey as scenic as the place. The temple itself, often shrouded in mist, further offers a mystical aura.

4: Toy Train Ride

A ride on the Kalka Shimla Toy Train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must. The narrow gauge railway further meanders through tunnels, over bridges, and alongside steep cliffs.

That meanwhile vacation trip from Nagpur to Shimla Manali offer stunning views of the snow laden landscape. The journey is a perfect blend of thrill and beauty, capturing the essence of Shimla’s charm.

Manali: The Valley of Gods

1: Solang Valley Adventures

Solang Valley, lies just 13 kms from Manali. It transforms into a hub of winter sports during the snow season. Skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling are some of the thrilling activities you can indulge in.

The valley’s slopes cater to both freshers and expert skiers. That meanwhile ensure a thrilling experience for all. The sight of the valley, wrapped in a thick blanket of snow, is just stunning.

2: Rohtang Pass Excursion

Rohtang Pass is located at an altitude of 3978 meters. It is one of the most famous snow spots near Manali. The pass firstly offers stunning views of the nearby peaks and glaciers.

Snow sports for example sledding, skiing, and snow scooter rides are available there. They make it a heaven for thrill seekers. Due to heavy snowfall, access to the pass is usually stopped during peak winter. So it’s best to plan your visit as per that.

3: Hot Springs at Vashisht Village

After a day of snow filled adventures, unwind in the natural hot springs of Vashisht Village. Located just a short drive from Manali, these hot springs are believed to have healing effects.

Enjoy the contrast of the hot water against the cold, snowy ambiance. It meanwhile creates a unique and relaxing experience. The village itself, with its ancient temples and quaint cafes, further adds to the charm.

4: Old Manali Exploration

Old Manali, stands out with its rustic charm and serene ambiance. It further offers a stark contrast to the bustling town center. Wander through its narrow lanes, filled with cozy cafes and ancient Himachali homes.

The Manu Temple, devoted to the sage Manu, is a main attraction here. Wrapped in snow, Old Manali looks straight out of a fairy tale. It meanwhile provide ample options for taking photos and easy walks.

5: Winter Treks

For those who crave adventure, Manali offers various winter trekking options. The <i>Hampta Pass Trek and the Chandrakhani Pass</i> Trek are famous choices.

These treks further seems tricky due to the snow. But they reward trekkers with stunning views of snow capped peaks, frozen rivers, and pristine landscapes. The sense of winning upon completing these treks is stunning.

Tips for Enjoying the Snow in Shimla and Manali

1: Pack Appropriately

Layered clothing, waterproof jackets, thermal wear, and sturdy snow boots are needed. Further, don’t forget gloves, scarves, and hats to keep warm.

2: Stay Hydrated

The cold can lead to dehydration. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water and warm fluids.

3: Acclimatize

Take it easy on the first day to adjust to the altitude and cold weather. Its a need mainly in higher altitudes for example Rohtang Pass.

4: Safety First

Above all, always follow steps to remain safe for winter sports and activities. It’s better to hire expert guides for trekking and other thrills.

5: Book in Advance

Winter is a peak season, so make sure to book stays and activities well in advance. That further helps you to avoid last minute hassles.

Shimla and Manali, stands out with their snow clad landscapes and various activities. It firstly offer an enjoyable winter experience. Whether you’re there for the adventure, the scenic beauty, or to bask in the serene ambiance.

In Shimla and Manali tour will leave you with joys to cherish forever. So pack your bags, put on your warmest clothes, and get ready. Lets dive further into the snowy wonderlands of Shimla and Manali.

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