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“How to move without stress?” The question of this century, a century that often and willingly forces
people to have to move from their land and which makes the “break” even more difficult due to the
frenzy of modern life. Here we will see how to recognize the best movers Adelaide that is right for you
and everything will go smoothly. In the end I will then leave you with a great little option that could put
you even more at ease, but I want you to be able to evaluate the entire content of the article with
attention and patience as something very important is at stake: you and your future.

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Why is moving so difficult?

Moving, according to recent scientific research, is the third cause of psychological stress among the
traumatic events that a person experiences. Packing, sorting and reassembling the objects and
memories of a lifetime is not easy. Moving can be painful whether it is the result of a divorce or a
marriage. Moving means abandoning habits, certainties, points of reference and it is normal to feel
disoriented, sad and stressed. I moved house 7 years ago and I still remember how much of a nightmare
the first month was: without friends and in the storm of a sea of boxes.
Feeling bad is not a weakness , on the contrary: it is a good sign. It means that the mind is preparing for
the change and that just takes a little time. Sometimes, however, the uncertainty and sense of
emptiness that follows the move can trigger mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and
stress disorders.

How best to deal with a move?

Maintaining a certain order during an operation that so radically turns one’s life upside down is
fundamental to one’s well-being. Planning helps manage stress and mood swings. Many people prefer
to rely on specialized companies and expert movers. The first rule, in this last situation, is to move at
least a couple of months in advance .
Having a large margin of time will allow you to calmly evaluate different companies and find the mover
that’s right for you . Organizing yourself in advance could also ensure you enjoy the discounts that
companies reserve for those who book well in advance. Asking for a quote from one of these companies
is essential to understand how the company works and how reliable it is. This must be as detailed as
possible in order to avoid additional “treacherous” costs and allow you to choose in full transparency.

How does a moving company work?

The information that national moving companies ask you for a quote is:

The distance between the two homes specifying their respective addresses and floors;

The presence of fragile or valuable objects ;

Any traffic limitations such as pedestrian zones and restricted traffic zones;

The number of rooms in your current property, so you can estimate the items and furniture you

want to take with you;

The dates and times of the move;

Any parking difficulties.

The companies with more experience always propose to carry out an inspection to make sure in person

of the overall volume to be transported. NB Not all companies have estimates available who can make

an evaluation at no cost and without obligation for the customer. When the estimate is ready, in

addition to the final figure, the company must show which items it has taken into consideration and how

these affect the cost of the move.

How much does it cost to move with a company?

The most popular parameters of which a company bases itself to create a quote are:

expected times for the move (they fluctuate between a few hours, in the case of very close

destinations, and weeks, in the case of moves from South-North or from the islands);

number of operators involved (usually reaches a maximum of $20 per hour for each employee);

cost of the vehicles used (for short distances a truck or van may be sufficient, while in the case

of more difficult moves naval or air transport will be necessary);

assembly operations (make sure that the disassembly-assembly operations are guaranteed by

the movers and packers company);

disposal costs of the material used;

insurance costs;

extra expenses (special equipment, occupation of public land, final cleaning);

the floors of the two houses and the ease of access for vehicles and personnel;

the time of year (summer is the busiest time and costs can increase by up to 15% during the

high season)

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