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Mobile Commerce

A December 2022 survey found that more than 60% of U.S. adults feel mobile shopping or mCommerce is a critical part of online shopping convenience. 

We are a mobile-first generation that wants to access content anywhere anytime. 

In this context, mobile commerce is the natural choice for businesses looking to get their own eCommerce app development

In this discussion, we will cover why mcommerce is a better option than eCommerce store development and omnichannel eCommerce Solutions.  

We will also discuss the top 3 benefits of Mobile Commerce and why it is the fastest growing shopping platform across different industries. 

Mobile Commerce or mCommerce: What’s so different about it? 

Mobile Commerce or mCommerce is the execution of online transactions through smartphones, tablets or any other handheld wireless device.  

So, by definition, it is not just shopping but also includes a variety of transactions, such as mobile banking, and mobile payments.  

However, given the impact of mCommerce, the practical meaning of the term is mostly around online shopping performed via mobile and tablet. This is because mCommerce offers multiple benefits to customers, making it their go-to shopping platform. These benefits include: 

  • Freedom to shop anywhere, anytime. 
  • Easy sharing of product details with peers and get their review. 
  • Personalized recommendations and deals. 
  • Faster Checkout with mobile wallets and one-click payment options.  
  • Real-Time updates through notifications about orders, deals, and inventory updates. 

That’s why an increasing number of businesses are looking to partner with a mCommerce app development company and reach out to a wider customer base. 

So, how is mCommerce outperforming other online shopping platforms? Let’s find out. 

Mobile Commerce Vs eCommerce Vs Omni-Channel Commerce 

While we saw in the above section that mCommerce is all about shopping through mobile and table, eCommerce and Omni- channel are different in their operation. 

To start with, eCommerce is the superset of mCommerce. It comprises of all the transactional activity conducted via the internet using any device be it desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  

All you need is internet access. 

These shopping platforms are optimized for web interfaces, with some mobile support, and offer multiple payment options.   

Customers have the access to a broad range of features such as  

  • Reviews from other users 
  • Detailed product descriptions 
  • Larger interface 
  • Easy navigation 
  • Better User interface 

Till now partnering with eCommerce software development company to get an eCommerce presence was a lucrative option, things changed with the emergence of mCommerce. We will see it in the next section. 

Omnichannel eCommerce Solutions 

On the other hand, Omni-channel platforms are the ones that combine online and offline shopping experiences. They are well-integrated and seamless across multiple channels be it website, mobile and physical stores. You can buy a product online and return it in the nearest physical story.  

Omnichannel eCommerce solutions achieve consistency on the basis of unified inventory management, cross-channel promotions, and integrated customer service. 

All these make omnichannel eCommerce solutions a great option but wait.  

What would you choose out of these three:  

  1. Going out to return a product to a physical store  
  1. Return if using your laptops. 
  1. Or doing it by just tapping on your mobile while lying on the couch. 

Of course, the third option is the best. Who wants to leave the couch? That’s why Mobile Commerce is gaining so much traction and is the way to go. We will see that in detail in the next section wherein we will discuss the top 3 benefits mobile shopping for business. 

Top 3 Benefits of Mobile Commerce App Development for Businesses 

Partnering with a leading mCommerce app development company for a Mobile commerce platform opens huge opportunities. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

Customer Engagement and Retention: Keep them Coming Back 

Personalization: Mobile apps help you offer personalized shopping experiences as you get a range of data on your potential customers such as  

  • user behavior 
  • preferences,  
  • purchase history  

This helps you offer better experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Push Notifications: This is one of the most impact factors if used properly. It allows you to inform your customer about promotions, new arrivals, and special offers in a catchy manner, remember Zomato’s notification, how pushy they are. 

These notifications help you keep customers engaged and encourage them to make repeated purchases. And all this is possible if they have an app in their mobile phone, thus, mCommerce is the way to go. 

Loyalty Programs: Further, in the engagement side of Mobile commerce, mobile apps for shopping help you integrate loyalty programs.  

This helps you enhance your customer retention by making it easier for them to earn and redeem rewards and be delighted. 

Increased Sales and Revenue: Let’s talk business 

Easy Shopping, More Shopping: We are turning to mobile-first generation, thanks to its ease and convenience. Since, mobile commerce apps make it super easy for customers to find and purchase products, anywhere and anytime. It leads to more sales than other platforms. 

Streamlined Checkout Process: Moreover, mCommerce app development company helps you integrate simplified and secure mobile payment options. This leads to reduced instances of cart abandonment and increased conversion rates. 

Upselling and Cross-Selling: Mobile commerce platforms help you use data and insights to suggest related products or lates upgraded options of earlier sold product during the shopping process. This has a very high chance of augmenting sales through cross-selling and up-selling. Thus, increasing the average order value of your platform. 

Improved Data Collection and Analytics: Data-driven Decisions 

Targeted Marketing: The data gathered with Mobile commerce apps gives you access to detailed analytics. This helps you execute pin-pointed marketing campaigns and, as we saw above, personalized offers.  

Thus, mCommerce improves the effectiveness of your marketing efforts which enhances your branding and sales efforts as well. 

Performance Tracking: Not only targeting customer, but mobile commerce helps improve your own performance by providing you data on critical performance metrics such as 

  • user engagement  
  • Product performance 
  • sales metrics in real-time  

This helps you make quick adjustments to your strategy and gain a clear edge from competitors. 

All these benefits are finding takers across industries. In the next section, we will discuss that. 

How 3 Different Industries Benefit from mCommerce 

Mobile Commerce is finding takers in industries very different industries: 


Mobile commerce Solutions for eCommerce and Retail Industry are resulting in  

  • Enhancing customer engagement 
  • Convenient shopping experience,  
  • Personalization 
  • Loyalty programs integration.  

Food and Beverage 

Mobile commerce for food and beverage industry  

  • Streamlines the ordering and delivery  
  • Enhances convenience for customers.  
  • Encourages repeat business through rewards  
  • Facilitates customization of orders  


In the automotive industry, mobile commerce has given rise to  

  • Mobile dealerships for customers to browse car inventories,  
  • Scheduled test drives
  • Mobile-originating finance application  
  • Reminders of Vehicle maintenance  
  • Integration with connected vehicles  


Mobile commerce is a rapidly emerging platform. Businesses across industries are opting for these solutions to expand their reach, offer convenience and more importantly reap some unique industry-specific benefits that Mobile Commerce offers. 

Outsmarting eCommerce store development and omnichannel eCommerce solutions, mCommerce are more accessible and impactful in enhancing sales, the primary goal of a business. Connect with a leading eCommerce Consultancy and discuss the possibilities of Mobile commerce for your business. 

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