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It outsourcing services

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What is IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is integrating multiple ways into businesses through which they can digitally transform themselves. Now, the question could be what are these ways? See, when we discuss IT outsourcing, it comes out as an umbrella term, which means it is not only restricted to web development, any specific software development, or any technology-specific services rather it consists of all the services that can provide a competitive edge to business in this fast-paced world. IT outsourcing is a strategic practice that helps businesses achieve smooth growth in their work.

Our services

IT outsourcing has a wide range of services incorporated into it. These outsourcing services are categorized widely as they are not specific to one single domain. Some of the IT outsourcing services are –

1. Software development and maintenance — Software development is one of the foremost requirements of any tech firm commencing its business in the IT world, and with time these companies also need maintenance of the same software. Outsourcing firms offer custom software development like mobile applications, web application development and maintenance as per the requirements of the client. Some of our software development services include –

  • Full stack development — This is a type of software development of services where vendors offer end-to-end solutions for web development.
  • React Native development — React native is a powerful framework that offers cross-platform development. At Agicent, we have created prominent apps in React native technology. Businesses can achieve a wide and broad range of audiences through this type of app development that too in a cost-effective manner.
  • OTT Apps development — At Agicent we have released multiple and one of the apps called HASfit is growing at a faster pace, it has accumulated more than 5 million users till now.
  • WordPress Maintenance — WordPress maintenance is one of the IT outsourcing services that could be a boon to businesses especially those that are non-tech. At Agicent we believe that we as vendors must take care of your WordPress site so that you can take care of your business.

2. Staff Augmentation — It is one of the strategies in IT outsourcing where organizations hire additional employees for certain tasks or projects or usually to fill a certain skill gap temporarily. Agicent has helped in building that has worked across Telecom network projects, OTT Apps, also in the banking industry for India’s largest IT Company TCS and many more.

3. Dedicated Team — It is one of the models which helps businesses to enhance their commencing steps in the business market. Vendors offer teams that scale up the working of the companies significantly.

4. DevOps Consulting — In Agicent, we help businesses set up an apt architecture which eventually facilitates CI/CD which is Continuous development as well as continuous deployment, while hosting development services.

5. Fractional CTO for startups — In Agicent we offer fractional CTO as a service which can especially be beneficial for startups as it becomes cost-efficient for them, which eventually could be costly when it comes to hiring a full-time CTO. We offer our top technical leaders on a “need-basis” to our clients, and they pay as per their use.

When to look for IT outsourcing Services?

IT outsourcing is the most preferable option, let’s look at the following points and see how it is one of the viable options considered –

1. Lack of in-house team — When a company does not possess a particular skill set. IT outsourcing can fill their gap and help them in enhancing their business. Imagine a Clothing company setting up its business online to make it accessible to its customers sitting in different geographical locations. They would need a skilled team to create their mobile app, and this is where IT outsourcing will play its role. The company will hire an IT vendor and it will provide the company with their required app.

2. Cost-effective — In the same scenario mentioned above, imagine the same company monetarily investing itself to look for skilled professionals and hiring them full-time to build their app so that they can make their online presence. How intricate and costly it looks. However, on the other hand, opting for an outsourcer has made things easy for the company as they only have to pay as per the use of the resource not like full-time.

3. Strategic planning — In addition to the same case as discussed in the above points, let’s imagine the same company wants to add AI features to its application and for that, it needs a consultant that can help them with identifying the required technical stacks in incorporating AI-powered personalized features to the existing app. The company will hire a fractional CTO as a service so that they can consult with technical strategies and access the solutions required in building the AI-powered application.

4. WordPress and website maintenance — Businesses need not struggle when it comes to content management as these digital platforms are just their way of reaching their customers globally therefore in the above scenario only the company will hire an IT outsourcing provider to take care of its website and the content such that its performance is always on top and it should face any kind of downtime while serving its customers.

Steps involved in hiring an IT outsourcing service

IT outsourcing services are dynamic, but when it comes to hiring a service provider the template steps would be the same as follows –

Step 1– Check and identify the exact requirements and needs and then look for the type of service suitable for it.

Step 2– Look for a significant and suitable vendor considering the parameters mentioned above.

Step 3– Take a call with the provider and discuss the budget and pricing architect of the service you are taking.

Step 4– Negotiate if required and ask for estimated quotes and especially check for security assurance towards your company from the vendor.

Step 5– Sign the contract, and kick off with the services.

Step 6– Start monitoring the progress and provide time-to-time feedback to the service so that it can improve and enhance with time.

Step 7– Pay as per what you have used or what has been signed on the contract.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing has several advantages that claim it is appropriate for businesses. Some of them are-

  1. IT Outsourcing offers a wide range of tech pools where businesses can easily access the suitable technology which may be lacking in their organisation.
  2. IT Outsourcing includes collaboration, this method not only promotes teamwork but also helps organisations in reducing their burden when it comes to their operations. Organisations can focus on their core competencies and therefore this could foster long-term positive results for the organisations.
  3. IT outsourcing service providers are proficient in their respective services and this ensures that they take stringent measures when it comes to risk management.
  4. IT outsourcing also ensures that the business in their services is always cost-effective so that the client from any category, be it a startup, big enterprise or any medium-sized enterprise, can leverage the functionalities as per their requirements.
  5. IT outsourcing is scalable and flexible as it is one of the strengths counted under this term. The service providers offer flexibility in the service to upscale or downscale as per the need.

Types of IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing has many types depending upon the nature of services, the kind of engagement model involved and lately the scope of outsourcing. Let’s see some of the major types of IT outsourcing –

1. Project-Based Outsourcing — A project as per its definition is a set of tasks that has to be done within a specific time similarly a company outsources a certain task to an IT vendor, mentioning the scope and all the requirements of its project and therefore the vendor acknowledges and executes it accordingly. This type of IT outsourcing is generally seen in App development, whether mobile development or web app development.

Based on the geographical region from where the IT vendor has been hired, there are further types

2. Offshore Outsourcing — This is one of the types of IT outsourcing services where companies take services from some IT vendor that is located in very different geographical locations, mostly the provider is located in a different country. This kind of IT outsourcing is practiced mostly to access the global talent pool.

3. Nearshore Outsourcing — This type of IT outsourcing involves service providers from neighboring countries or the service provider is located nearer, unlike in the case of offshore Outsourcing. This benefits in enhancing cultural adherence and with similar time zones business dealing becomes more hospitable.

4. Onshore Outsourcing — Another name for onshore outsourcing is domestic outsourcing because in this type of outsourcing the service provider is from the same geographical scope where the client is situated. However, this kind of onshore outsourcing could be costly as compared to the other two types based on the geographical arena. However, it is beneficial in cases where language could be a barrier, also this type of outsourcing promotes cultural affinity.

5. Cloud Outsourcing — IT outsourcing that includes outsourcing of cloud services, where we find the IT vendor is specifically designated as a Cloud service provider delivering multiple types of cloud services like Software as a service (Saas), Infrastructure as a service (Iaas), Platform as a service (Paas), and many more services. At Agicent, we host Software services as a service, where we include all kinds of software services (SSaas) from its development to its maintenance. For more quality information talk to our experts today!

6. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) — This is one of the IT outsourcing which is not exclusively IT-focused. It can include setting up help centers for customers to cater for their queries like a call center, other than this services related to data entry, Human resources and many more are included in this.

Why choose Agicent over other IT outsourcing companies?

Dev teams — retainer model

We follow a pay-per-use approach and therefore offer on-demand SaaS development through a retainer pricing structure. Whether you come with a scratch idea or a fully-fledged model, or you need ongoing development and maintenance efforts for your existing mobile or web apps, we help transition your idea into reality. This model works great when you have a team to manage the project.

Also, if you’re an agency that needs more workforce other than your in-house team, we just extend ourselves on hourly mode. For more information talk to our experts today!

Projects delivered

We have converted almost 1000+ app ideas into reality and have digitally transformed businesses. We create quality apps and have created Apps like HASfit which has its users in millions and has been awarded as best fitness app in 2014–2019.

Awards and Recognition

We are an established agency that has recognition from the best. We are categorized under top app development companies first such as SelectedFirms, and GoodFirms. We have a verified profile on Inc and have achieved 4.8 ratings on leading marketplaces like Clutch, and AppFutura. Visit our profile on Clutch.

Industries we have worked

Agicent has 15+ years of experience in generating solutions for our customers, we have covered almost all kinds of industries in providing our services. From Healthcare to lifestyle, from IoT Apps to AR/VR apps, from Games to Enterprise Apps, From Booking to Fintech Apps and so on. You pick a category, and we’ll show you the latest or older app done by us. Some of the industries are –

  • Healthcare and medical
  • Food and restaurant
  • Fitness and Health
  • Fintech
  • Transportation, etc.


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