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When it entails experiencing true Chinese delicacies, Best Chinese restaurants in Malad, Mumbai, Mainland China at Infiniti Mall sticks out as a beacon of culinary excellence. Renowned for its delectable dishes and welcoming environment, Mainland China offers a dining experience that transports you to the heart of China’s vibrant culinary scene.

About Mainland China 

Chinese food has always been the one cuisine we reach for when in dilemma. The utter simplicity of this cuisine makes it one of the most popular cuisines in the country. 

Many restaurants choose to explore the depth of Chinese food through their classic expansive menus. However, there is one name that stands out every time someone talks about this popular cuisine.

We are talking about ‘Mainland China’, an immensely famous chain of restaurants sprinkled all over the country. Mumbai itself owns several outlets of Mainland China. Mumbaikars living should try out the outlet tucked in Mainland China also has a notable presence at Infiniti Mall in Malad West, offering authentic Chinese cuisine in a popular shopping destination 

This is the kingdom of Mainland China, beyond the Great Wall. A place where all dreams come true. Sit back and enjoy authentic dishes that take you on a culinary journey from Sichuan to Jiangsu, to the bustling streets of Beijing.

Right from that first restaurant in SakiNaka in 1994 to 23 outlets across 10
 cities in India today. 30 years later,
Mainland China remains synonymous
with exceptional Chinese cuisine in India.

Mainland China Legacy 

Back in 1994, Mainland China introduced India to
the allure of delectable Chinese cuisine & never
looked back. Today it has been 30 years of serving
up only the highest quality ingredients with utmost
care to generations of Indians. As Indian palates
evolved to experiment with newer cuisines, so did
our menus, with house sushi, crafted cocktails and
Asian tapas alongside our signature favourites.

Committed to evolving with the ever-changing tastes
and times…so future generations can proudly say – If it’s Chinese, it’s Mainland China.

Mainland China: A Culinary Journey

Mainland China has carved an opening for itself in some of the outstanding Chinese restaurants in Malad, acknowledged for its dedication to authenticity and super. Located simply in Infiniti Mall, this eating place guarantees a memorable eating experience characterized with the aid of the usage of conventional flavors and impeccable company.

The Dining Experience

Upon getting into Mainland China, the crowd is welcomed right into a warm and alluring surroundings that displays the splendor of Chinese way of existence. The dining place’s décor, stimulated with the resource of present-day Chinese aesthetics, creates a tranquil setting ideal for intimate dinners and big gatherings.

 Menu Highlights

– Authentic Chinese Dishes: Mainland China’s menu boasts an intensive selection of dishes that span various close by cuisines of China. From dim sum and noodles to stir-fried specialties and seafood cuisine, every dish is crafted using proper recipes and top ingredients.

– Signature Dishes: Indulge in Mainland China’s signature dishes collectively with Kung Pao Chicken, Peking Duck, Szechwan Prawns, and additional, each prepared with a brilliant balance of flavors and textures.

 Culinary Expertise

The culinary crew at Mainland China consists of professional cooks who are enthusiastic about maintaining the essence of Chinese delicacies. With their information and attention to element, they make sure that every dish served continues the authenticity and richness that define Chinese culinary traditions.

Infiniti Mall Malad: Beyond Mainland China

While Mainland China delights with its true Chinese fare, the mall offers a diverse type of dining and entertainment alternatives to supplement your visit.

 Culinary Diversity

– Global Cuisine: Explore a worldwide of flavors with diverse array of consuming locations, offering cuisines starting from Italian and Mexican to Indian and Continental.

– Family-Friendly Dining: Whether you’re seeking out a casual meal with family or a romantic dinner for two, the mall’s consuming options cater to every taste and occasion.

 Shopping and Entertainment

Beyond ingesting, the mall is a hub of leisure and looking for. Discover principal style producers, way of lifestyles stores, and entertainment venues that make sure a fulfilling revel in for every traveller.


Mainland China at Infiniti Mall Malad epitomizes the essence of actual Chinese eating with its big menu, inviting surroundings, and great service. Whether you’re a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine or without a doubt searching to discover new flavors, a go to this eating place ensures a culinary journey through the colorful landscapes of China.

Combine your ingesting enjoyment at Mainland China with an afternoon of buying and amusement, wherein every 2d is infused with excitement, indulgence, and the spirit of discovery.

Immerse yourself within the flavors of China at Mainland China, and embark on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the nobleness of Chinese cuisine amidst the colorful putting of Malad.


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