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At Genesis, we stand firm in our commitment to the delivery of matchless service to our customers by relentless innovation.

With a legacy built on leading-edge custom precision manufacturing technologies across the Middle East region, we have serviced an entire spectrum of customer requirements in aerospace, defense, oil and gas, and more for over three decades. From solutions covering equipment and manufacturing services end-to-end to state-of-the-art machinery-only, we are the leader in high complexity custom precision manufacturing engineering across the Middle East region.

Our precision custom machining manufacturers play a crucial role in producing highly accurate and reliable components for various industries. We provide services on precise machining wherein, Custom Precision Manufacturing in Middle East, for instance, the products include CNC machining, fabrication, and professional welding. With ultra-modern facilities, the finest machinery on earth utilizes the design and develops custom components of exceptional quality to meet your specifications.

Our CNC precision machining enables us to manufacture even the most complex parts with high precision.α893e Associated manufacturing services are done to the highest standards of manufacturing, as is done by our skilled welding department for all types of industries such as oil and gas, aerospace, and process manufacturing.

Precision CNC Machining & Custom Manufacturing Services

Our one-stop facility is Precision Machining & Fabrication Services in UAE offers comprehensive component manufacturing and repair services; utilizing precision machining and fabrication, right up to thermal spraying, PTA welding, laser cladding, diamond grinding, and super-finishing. This ensures we have full control of your part from start to finish, minimizing downtime, maximizing productivity, and, most importantly, maintaining our commitment to on-time delivery.


Continuously upgrading our vast custom machined parts shop as per the needs and requirements of our clients enables us to provide our clients with custom precision manufacturing machined components from the latest CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, and conventional machining. Our CNC lathes are capable of manufacturing parts up to 850 mm in diameter and 4 meters in length.

Our different operating units mean we can offer a variety of services, from small one-off customizations and prototype components to large volume orders.

The machine shop has been developed to support the diverse needs of our thermal coating division on a large scale.

Comprehensive Metal Fabrication Solutions

Precision Sheet Metal Processing

Skilled craftsmen cut, bend, and form various sheet metals such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel to produce custom-made products such as housings, panels, and brackets.

Structural Metal Fabrication

From beams and columns to trusses and frames, we provide custom precision manufacturing and welding of structural metal components for a variety of construction and industrial projects.

Fabrication and Assembly

We employ highly skilled welders skilled in a variety of welding techniques to ensure safe and durable joints in your production. We also accept assembly and integration of multiple metal parts.

Precision Fabrication

Our custom precision manufacturing machining services ensure accurate forming, drilling, and tapping of metal parts, allowing seamless integration into your projects.

Surface finishing

We offer a variety of surface finishing options including painting, powder coating, plating, and polishing to enhance aesthetics and protect your metal products from corrosion.

Specialized Expertise

This is because we have been in this field for a long time and thus, our experts have vast experience and knowledge in custom metal fabrication. Among the sectors that we have served include manufacturing, construction, architecture, and aerospace among others.

Custom Solutions

We are aware that every project differs therefore; we offer tailor-made solutions. When you need accurate metal parts, structural elements, beautiful metallic designs or any other unique creations; just give us a call and we will be right there to meet all your requirements.

Quality Control

At Genesis Quality Assurance is our First Priority. It means that through the manufacturing process of our Metal Products; strict measures applied on quality control ensure that very piece leaving out plant is durable, strong as well as having a good appearance.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Our advanced workshops are equipped with latest machinery and tools which accurately and efficiently handle complex metalworking tasks. Right from cutting and bending to welding up to finishing works; this company has made use of modern technology thereby assuring better outcomes.

On-Time Delivery

We understand the importance of meeting project deadlines They enable fast delivery without compromising on quality due to the leaner processes which they employ during their projects management. We guarantee you that your custom metal fabrication projects shall be completed within schedule while being under budget


What does metal processing engineering involve?

Manufacturing engineering is the process of manufacturing metal-based structures from raw materials using techniques such as cutting, forming, shearing, and welding. People working in this field manage and improve the manufacturing processes that turn raw materials into finished products.

What are some examples of metal fabrication?

Industrial metalworking is used to create parts for tools and equipment. Tools and equipment create other consumer goods in the industry. For example, processing steel into a steel band saw is industrial metal processing.

What materials are commonly used in manufacturing processes?

Manufacturing a part or product means manufacturing it from scratch using raw or semi-finished materials. This can be anything from copper or pine wood to complex composite structures or high temperature epoxy laminates.

What does custom precision manufacturing involve in machining?

Custom precision manufacturing machining is the process of removing excess raw material from a workpiece to create a finished product while maintaining a precise tolerance finish. Simply put, it means forming larger materials into more precise parts so that they can meet very precise specifications.

How precise is CNC cutting?

This means that the machining tool may deviate by 0.01 mm per cut. The deviation can be 0.01 mm more than the standard value or 0.01 mm less than the standard value. We want you to understand the terms used in CNC machining – accuracy, precision, and tolerance.


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