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Online MBA

Getting an MBA has been the only way to get into top business jobs for a long time. However, for many working professionals in India, the usual full-time schedule seems impossible to solve. What if you want to move up in your career but can’t quit your job or give up valuable time with your family? Online education is the best answer to this. Online MBA is a game-changing option that lets you achieve your academic goals while juggling the responsibilities of everyday life.

But the real question that arises with this answer is, is it worth it? What is the ROI? Will it beat the regular MBA? Let’s break it down by looking at the cost and the possible pay raise that an MBA can bring. 

MBA and its alternatives (Distance MBA or Online MBA or Regular MBA)

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the best degree for people who want to run a business. But, because you have to be on campus full-time, this regular MBA can be hard for workers already working. Luckily, other choices are becoming available. 

Distance MBA or Online MBA is an answer. Compared to standard MBA programs, online and distance MBAs are more affordable even after having the same value in the industry. Furthermore, online MBA programs often have more hands-on and tech-focused classes, better fitting the needs of today’s workplace. 

The fact that full-time MBAs are not flexible can be a big problem for working people in India, especially those who have to care for family or move around a lot. Online learning is asynchronous, meaning students can watch lessons, do homework, and join conversations at their own pace. This helps them find a better work-life balance. This is especially helpful for workers in the middle of their careers who want to improve their skills without putting their present jobs at risk.

Additionally, online MBAs are independent of where you live. Students who live in rural areas or abroad can now access prestigious programs from well-known universities worldwide. This opens up more learning possibilities and creates a more varied learning environment, adding many different viewpoints to classroom talks.

The biggest factor is the cost!!

The high cost of a full-time MBA from a university with great possibilities can stop many students from attending college. Online MBA usually cost less because they don’t have to pay for real infrastructure and campus services. 

On top of that, online students don’t have to pay for moving, housing, or transportation, which saves them a lot of money. Because they are more affordable, online MBAs are more available to a wider range of people. This promotes social mobility in the field of business education.

Now let’s have a look at ROI

Getting an MBA can completely change your job, but it will cost you a lot of money. When you add up the costs of tuition, living costs, and materials for the standard full-time model, it can easily hit INR 22 lakhs over two years. This number doesn’t even include money that was lost. Giving up two years of work at a pay of INR 10 lakhs a year, plus an expected 15% raise yearly, means losing another INR 21.5 lakhs. When you count the time you lose at work, the total cost of a full-time MBA is a whopping INR 44 lakhs, which doesn’t include any possible loan interest.

We also offer a Distance MBA, but the more appealing option is to get an MBA program online. Most Online MBA programs cost between 2 and 5 lakhs, a small amount compared to the full-time choice. Most importantly, online MBAs let you keep working to save money, just as you do in regular education. 

Research shows that more than 90% of people get promoted significantly in their jobs after getting their online MBA. This gives you a much better return on investment (ROI) than a full-time MBA unless you get into a top-ranked, highly competitive business school program. 

Executive programs at well-known universities sometimes have admission requirements different from those of standard MBA programs. This could make them less valuable in the job market. 

Because of this, online MBAs are better for working professionals’ finances because they let them improve their skills and move up in their jobs without having to pay a lot of money or make a lot of compromises. 

But thorough study is very important. To get the most out of your money, you must pick a university that fits your budget and job goals, where College Vidya can help you. 

What can College Vidya do?

College Vidya can help you find the perfect online university or MBA program. This platform links you to many approved online MBA universities so you can compare prices, course details, and outcomes. The expert advisors at College Vidya can advise you and help you choose the program that best fits your finances, job goals, and learning style. 


Ultimately, choosing between a full-time MBA and an online MBA depends on the person’s situation and job goals. The traditional structure has a lot of prestige and a focused learning setting, but working professionals may need help to afford it or be able to change their schedules to fit it. 

Online MBAs, on the other hand, are a great option. They are appealing and useful in today’s educational system because they are flexible, affordable, and focus on digital skills. But it’s important to think carefully about approval, university quality, and your way of learning. 

Both full-time and online MBAs can help you advance your career in the long run. Choosing the best road for your goals and life is the most important thing.

Written by Anshul