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Preparing for the IELTS exam is remarkable when you know the interesting sources. The books, for sure, are an indispensable part of your exam prep. Along with that, you can also employ other sources as well to make your exam prep interesting and incredible. The article will let you know such sources and the way to use them for your IELTS exam prep. 

Know that the IELTS exam follows an incredible testing system to assess your proficiency in English. In fact, this focuses on your ability to use the language in real life rather than just bookish knowledge. So, you are going to witness the questions that are based on real life. 

This is true that the exam demands a pragmatic approach from you to excel in it. Without following the pragmatic approach, you won’t be able to get the desired band scores. 

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Interesting sources to prepare for the IELTS exam:

Let’s have a quick look at the interesting sources that one can employ to prepare well for the IELTS exam. 


Turning to the interview videos of celebrities on YouTube is also an incredible trick to polish your English listening skills and ability to talk naturally in the language. Listening to Lisa Hdyon’s interviews will also polish your listening skills in the English language. Also, along with that, you can also turn to the Ellen Show and the Little Big Shots to start listening to the basic English language. 

Youtube Tutorials 

YouTube tutorials on English grammar can do wonders for you as long as you have turned to the 5 or 10-minute-long YouTube tutorials. Opting for the short tutorials is going to boost your interest in growing your English grammar knowledge. On the other hand. Turning to one-hour-long tutorials will make you cut corners and can impact your interest negatively.


The mirror in your room is the best source that can hear your chitter-chatter non-stop. However, you must get a topic that you find interesting and can have so many sentences then stand in front of the mirror to discuss with your reflection on that topic. This will elevate your efficiency in creating on-the-spot sentences and give a natural flow to your speaking. 

All those who are able to speak the language proficiently today have practiced this secretly with their friends. This will surely aid you in making your performance in the speaking section quite impressive. 


Don’t consider watching movies as a waste of time, in fact, this can truly boost your efficiency in understanding English in real life. Eventually, this will boost your familiarity with the English language. Along with that, this will also boost your ability to read and listen to the English language when you turn on the subtitles as well. The urgency to maintain pace with the movie will quicken your ability to read the subtitles which will polish your reading proficiency in the language. 

Describe the images in Google 

Get expertise in describing the images on Google as this will help you think in the language directly.  It is important for you to move on from using translations to thinking in the language directly. The images on Google will help you with that. Even there are a few English proficiency assessment tests that include such questions. 

To adjust in accordance with the IELTS perspective, you can opt for charts and graphs. 


Newspapers are interesting as they contain articles on interesting topics. Read them and level up your English reading proficiency. In fact, rewriting the article in the newspaper in your own language will help you a lot in improving your ability to write in English well. 

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The list of interesting sources mentioned above will help you in IELTS exam prep. Along with that, make sure that you are paying attention to the authentic study material and English dictionary as well. 

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