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Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485

485 Subclass Visa: The application for the 485 Subclass Visa is meant for those groups of individuals who have completed their studies and have a desire to stay in Australia. This visa could also be said to be a temporary work visa for the students. After getting the visa, the individual could easily move in and out of the Australian region. The individual attains the visa grant for 18 months to that of 4 years. Thus, the time duration of the visa just depends on the streams prevailing in the visa.

485 Subclass Visa – Checklist for Subclass 485

Varied documents are required by the individual who is going for the application of Subclass 485 Visa Australia. The application for the visa would have the inclusion of the below-mentioned essentials;

  • Identity proof-based documents which include the passport size photograph, passport, and birth certificate.
  • The essential documents are based on family relations. In the case of the de facto relationship, proof is required to be given of the relationship for the time of 12 months. The other essential document is the marriage certificate.
  • The character and the health-based requirements are also required to be met by the individuals.
  • You should acquire English proficiency-based documents for the visa application.

Have you gone through the below-mentioned credentials for the Visa 485 application?

  • Select the most accurate stream: It is vital to know that there are 2 streams in the visa subclass 485. The same is true of the graduate work-stream and the post-study work program. The graduate work-stream is for those groups of individuals who have completed their learning of certain courses required for the occupation they are desiring to pursue in Australia. On the other hand, the post-study work program is for those groups of overseas students who have completed their bachelor’s, doctorate, or master’s degree from any of the top-ranking institutes in Australia. This avails you with the visa validity for the time of 4 years.

  • The visa is just granted to those groups of individuals who had their first visa application after the date 5 Nov 2011 to the Australian region. Having the visa grant also avails you of the benefit of bringing your family members along with you. It takes around 4 4-month time period for the visa to be processed.

  • Consideration of the partners & family members: After attaining the character and the health-based requirements for the visa application, the individuals are provided with the opportunity to sponsor their family members, relatives, and the partners to Australia.

  • Health Insurance-based consideration: It too rests to be the essential consideration that is required to be determined by the aspirant of the Graduate Visa Subclass 485. Thus, the authorities could too face the rejection or the refusal of the visa in case the authorities are satisfied with your health insurance-based consideration. The insurance-based listing for the visa is being done in the OVHC ( Overseas Visitors Health Cover )

  • English Proficiency-based requirement: The individual who is applying for the application of graduate visa subclass 485 is too required to pass the English language proficiency tests with accurate scores. The system which undergoes considering the aspect is known as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

The Visa Streams in Subclass 485

1) Post-Study Work Stream: The stream is for those individuals who have recently graduated from any of the top-ranking institutes in the Australian region. The validity of this visa is determined as of 3 to 4 years of stay in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria for this visa:

  • The visa applicant must be below the age group of 50 years of age for the visa application.
  • The candidate who is going for the visa application should have acquired a passport from any of the nations i.e. Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, etc.
  • Certain qualification is required to be attained by the individual. The same might be a bachelor’s, doctorate, or master’s degree from any of the top-ranking institutes in Australia.
  • If you want to attain the visa grant, have the application for the first student visa after 5 November 2011.
  • Proof of English proficiency is also required to be discovered by the individual. It will assist you to get the visa grant without any threats

2) Graduate Work Stream: This visa stream provides the aspirants with working benefits in the Australian region. This is majorly for those groups of individuals who have completed the qualification as required by the specific occupation. The major advantage of the visa rests in the fact that it too allows the person to sponsor the partner and the family member in the application.

Eligibility criteria for the visa:

  • The applicant for the visa should be below the age of 50 years.
  • Required passports should also be attained from Canada, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, etc.
  • You should have completed your learning from the institute which is registered under the CRICOS in the previous 6 months. The same should have also lasted for the time duration of 2 years.
  • You should provide proof that you are proficient in English. Along with this, also sign up with the Australian Values Statement-based agreement.

If you require any further details about the Graduate Visa Subclass 485, do consult the Immigration Agent Perth. You would be provided with the best help of experienced migration agents.


In conclusion, familiarity with the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is vital for international students seeking career pathways in Australia. Partnering with an immigration agent in Perth can streamline the application process, ensuring adherence to visa requirements and enhancing the likelihood of success. This visa avenue serves as a pivotal transition from academic pursuits to professional endeavors, offering invaluable opportunities for skill development and networking within the Australian workforce. Understanding the nuances of subclass 485 empowers applicants to navigate post-education pathways effectively, maximizing the benefits of temporary residency. Collaboration with knowledgeable professionals facilitates a smooth transition, paving the way for a rewarding and fulfilling experience in Australia’s vibrant job market.

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