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Thus, the ranking of your videos on YouTube goes beyond uploading of content. It needs a proper plan to enhance your videos, to attract your targeted spectators, and to influence YouTube’s settings. Here are specific tips and techniques that will assist your videos gain higher page ranking on the YouTube site. 

  • Create High-Quality Content

a. Excellent Information and Interactions 

 To start with, content is the primary pillar of any You Tube channel and this entails the production of quality content. Your videos should be interesting, informative and, most of all, should add some value to the viewers. Viewers’ engagement with the video is a major determinant of the length of time viewers spend watching and how often they interact with the video; all of which are major ranking factors for YouTube. 

b. Consistent Upload Schedule 

 Consistency is crucial. Make a schedule of how often you will be uploading to keep your audience interested enough to come back for more. This as a way helps in creating a strong following of subscribers and also to YouTube that your channel is alive and dependable. 

  • Maximize Video Title and Description 

a. Keyword Research 

 Keywords which need to be targeted should be identified through proper keyword research to understand the keywords which the target population is in search of. Using Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Tube Buddy, and other tools, one can determine increasingly used search terms. 

b. Compelling Titles 

 Leave the headlines catchy and informative incorporating the topics of interest and the keywords. Based on the above factors, it is clear that an ideal title should be, informative, attractive and must contain the main keyword. The goal is to have simple, plain text as titles, preferably no longer than 60-70 characters. 

c. Detailed Descriptions 

 Produce elaborate descriptions for all the videos in terms of their content. Start with your main keyword, so it is in the first few sentences, and offer a brief description of the video. The descriptions aid YouTube to consider the video’s context and increase the particular video clip’s standing in search outcomes.

Textbox 3: The descriptions also assist YouTube in understanding further details about the particular video and hence increases its search results. 

  • Utilize Tags Effectively 

a. Relevant Tags 

 It is good to use some tags that are relevant to the video being posted demonstrating its file content. Tags are used by YouTube to sort the videos and display them to people who want to watch similar videos to yours. 

b. Combination of both; Broad Tag and Specific Tag 

 To use tags, the best approach would be to use some general tags in the posts as well as specific tags in the posts. Larger tags will call the attention of more people while more specific tags will target specific people. Do not go overboard with the tags and ensure that they do not overwhelm the YouTube search engine. 

  • Engage Your Audience 

a. Promoting Likes, Comments and Share 

 Likes, comments, and shares critically affect your particular video and its rank in the viewers’ estimation. Engage the viewers with your content by asking them questions, appealing to like/share your posts and ideas, and replying to the comments. 

b. Create Playlists 

 Create playlists based on which of your videos viewers would like to watch. Playlists increase the view time since the audience is compelled to watch many videos sequentially, possibly all in one sitting. They also provide information on the context of the videos that you make in a way that helps suggest them to the right people at YouTube. 

  • Thumbnails and End Screens 

a. Eye-Catching Thumbnails 

 Create custom, eye-catching thumbnails. Previews or thumbnails are the first thing that the viewer will notice, and they significantly affect people’s click-through rates. Employ images, while making the font style as big, and the color of the pictures and text as bright as possible. 

b. Effective End Screens 

 Use end slates to direct people to other videos, other playlists, or to subscribe to your channel. End screens make the viewers stay with your channel and help to maximize the watch time. 

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  • Promote Your Videos 

a. Social Media Promotion 

 Market your videos via the social media platforms. Promoting your videos on known social media platforms such as face book, twitter, Instagram amongst others can go a long way in increasing traffic to the videos. 

b. working with Other Creators 

 As much as possible, interconnect with other similar YouTubers. Partnerships cause your content to be viewed by more people and might attract a large number of subscribers. 

  • Analyze and Adapt 

a. Use YouTube Analytics 

 To optimize your channel use YouTube Analytics to check the channel performance periodically. Look for such factors such as watch time, audience retention, and traffic sources to enable him or her towards identification of what was a success with the public and what was a failure. 

b. Adapt Your Strategy 

 Finally from the analysis performed above, you should modify your content and the overall strategy. To do this, one should not restrict himself/herself to one specific format, or topic, or promotional strategy to the channel. 

  • SEO and Metadata 

a. CC + Transcripts 

 Ensure that you put closed captions and transcripts to your videos. Subtitles and annotation make your messages reach more people and let YouTube know more about your video, which enhances its rank. 

b. File Name of Video 

 Before uploading the video change the name of your video file with your primary keyword. Despite being a small step, it aids to remind YouTube about the theme of the content you posted. 

  • Focus on Watch Time 

a. Create Engaging Introductions 

 About the first several seconds of your videotape is critical. Engage the viewers with the first part of the video so that they will watch the entire video. Based on the research study, a high retention rate is vital in the ranking of the video. 

b. Longer Videos

 But longer videos can contribute to more watch time if they engage the viewers well. It is advisable to have an optimal duration of the video and at the same time have quality input. The observation is that a well-made, long video is usually more effective than several shorter ones. 

  • Leverage YouTube Trends

a. Trend Analysis 

 Be conscious of what is current in your sector. Sharing material linked to the popular theme will gain more attention of the platform’s users. It is possible to use the available resources such as Google trends to eliminate the guess work in the selection of topics. 

b. Timely Content 

 Create quality content that is up to date. By doing so, the localization of videos focused on particular events, holidays, or seasonal tendencies increases the chances of video sharing and viewing, which positively affects the visibility of your channel. 


To have your videos ranked on YouTube, you are needed to have quality videos, optimize on certain factors and engage frequently. Thus, using the given tips, you can improve your channel, get more viewers, and achieve higher results in the YouTube search. You have to remember that becoming a YouTube sensation cannot be achieved in a span of one day. So, bear with me; do not get discouraged, and always churn out content that is connective to the audience.

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