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On the internet many video streaming platforms are available. Youtube is the highest viewable video platform in different countries. You can see youtube on each mobile phone. Youtube provides you with shorts video, playlists of particular topics, and long lectures on education. You can easily watch them in different qualities using your stable internet connection. But if you want to download youtube videos on your phone. Then youtube doesn’t provide you to save that videos on your local folders. So, we will come up with a solution to download & save youtube videos on your device.

Using the youtube video downloader tool you can download youtube videos on different devices like android, ios, tablets, mac, and windows. We below give you a step-by-step downloading process. So, you can simply understand that. There are numerous youtube video downloading tools, apps, and websites available on the internet. We give you the ideal tools to you in this article. Free and paid tools are available on the internet but we give you free tools in the articles.

Simple Download Process of Youtube Video

  1. Open youtube on your devices 
  2. Select the video URLs which you want to download
  3. Copy the URLs on your device’s clipboard
  4. Open the youtube video downloader tool 
  5. You can see their search option in the above part of the webpage
  6. Paste copied URls into the search bar of the tool
  7. Click on the go button or search options
  8. Tool gives you mp3 & mp4 downloading option
  9. You can click on the download button.
  10. The download process is started.

Another Downloading Process for YouTube Video

  1. Open the YouTube video downloader tool on your devices 
  2. You can see their search option 
  3. Click on the search option 
  4. Enter your query or keyword which you want to download
  5. After filled the query tap the go or search button
  6. The tool takes a few seconds for the results
  7. The tool gives you the top trending results of your query.
  8. Click on one video 
  9. Download options are available 
  10. Click on your favorite download button 

Above Downloading Process Works on Below Tools


Keepvid is the best tool for downloading youtube videos on your devices. This tool is able to work on different devices such as ios, android, windows, mac, and tablets. You can download any youtube video quickly with this tool. It’s safe for you. This tool supports many other websites. So, you can easily download them on your devices. The keepvid is a free tool for all people. 

Additionally YouTube to MP4 converter features included in the tool. That helps you to download YouTube videos to HD MP4 formats.


Yt1s is another youtube video downloader tool for you. It’s free and the fastest video downloader. This tool works easily with hundreds of websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other video-sharing platforms. Some tools are required sign-up for the download while the yt1s is free from sign-up or registration. 


Ssyoutube is the perfect youtube video downloader tool. If you looking for a mobile-friendly youtube video downloader then this tool is perfect for you. The features of this tool are amazing. The graphics designs and look of this tool is attractive to all. Uper both downloading process is suitable on this tool. If you have still doubt then check the faq section of this tool.


The above YouTube video downloader tool is hassle-free works on the different devices. One of the best thing is that it’s completely free available. You don’t require extra app or software if you use above tools.

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