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How to Delete Duplicate Photos in Laptop

Are you finding difficulty in searching for “How to delete duplicate photos in laptop?” and not getting the desired results? Don’t worry, we have got your back. In this write-up, we will be discussing efficient methods to delete duplicate photos on the laptop. 

Photos are always been an element of moments to store. But in the hustle of clicking the best pic, we end up taking multiple shots. Due to this, similar images start piling up in the storage. These similar images are known as duplicates. Moreover, there are various other reasons behind their accumulation such as photo transfers, copying, etc. Not to mention, these duplicate files contribute to digital chaos such as taking up precious storage, reducing laptop efficiency, etc. Therefore, performing cleanup exercises is crucial for optimizing digital space. Apart from photos, if you are looking for other file formats like MP4, PDF, MP3, and others, refer to the blog on how to delete duplicate files on pc.

The effective way to counter such a situation is to trace and remove them on the spot. To do this, there are a couple of strategies to delete duplicate photos on a Laptop. In fact, in the article we will discuss 2 ways:

  1. Microsoft Photos app on Laptop for free
  2. An elite approach 

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Laptop Using Microsoft Photos App?

Microsoft Photos app is quite popular among Windows users. In addition, some users like to organize photos using the app. In fact, the Microsoft Photos app is also known as Windows Photos or simply Photos. Similar to Windows Photo Gallery, Microsoft Photos is a picture viewer and manager app i.e. added to other versions of Windows such as 8, 8.1,10 and 11. 

To check whether there are duplicates present in your laptop via Microsoft Photos. First, you need to turn off the Linked duplicates option. However, by default, the option is turned on to hide the duplicate photos if any. For the purpose of providing a seamless browsing experience, it is done so. Keep in mind that the option doesn’t delete duplicate pictures. Thus, to turn off this option, go to Microsoft Photos Settings. Then, toggle off the Linked duplicates under the Viewing and Editing section. 

Now you can begin the process of finding and removing duplicate photos.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Photos on your Laptop

Step 2: Select the Collection tab. 

Step 3: Next, navigate through the photos and search for duplicates by manually comparing them. 

Step 4: Now, choose the multiple duplicate photos. Then, click on the Delete icon in the top right part of the window. 

Step 5: After that a Delete these files dialog box will appear. Here, click on Delete to remove the selected duplicate photos. 

An Elite Approach on How to Delete Duplicate Photos in Laptop

Before understanding this approach, let’s first get familiar with the reason for adopting this method. Let’s find out the several reasons through the following: 

  • The above manual method is time-consuming. Moreover, it can be a daunting task to check every image one by one. 
  • Secondly, the above method is prone to error or is less accurate. 
  • Inefficient for a huge collection of photos. 
  • Can hamper the original content

In the prevailing age, everyone knows the importance of photos. Thus to cherish its importance it is preserved in the laptop. However, over time, by repetitive process, it results in pilling up similar photos. For this reason, duplicate photos consume valuable storage and affect your laptop’s speed. Further, duplicate photos often unknowingly can wreak havoc on your system. Not to mention, the good news about this problem is within reach. 

SysTools Duplicates finder tool is effective to locate and remove duplicate files on your laptop. Further, its powerful scanning mechanism can scan the entire system with accuracy. Also, its versatile customization feature can be a handy asset for you. By instilling this tool in your regular workflow, you can breathe new life into your performance. Within minutes, your photo collection will be duplicate-free. 

Duplicate File Finder & Remover main features

  1. Well-suited for internal and external devices such as external hard drives, SD cards, etc. 
  2. A wide variety of file extension collections are available such as videos, songs, documents, and many more. 
  3. Option for recursive scan in present to detect files with folders and subfolders. 
  4. Provide a preview option to check the duplicates before deletion.


After going through the page, you must be familiar with the cleaning options. And also, you have got the answer to the question “How to delete duplicate photos in laptop?” Though there are several ways to delete duplicate photos such as through the Microsoft Photos app, or any other else. But the most efficient and reliable one is the duplicate finder & remover tool. Moreover, this tool is proficient in removing duplicates from any photo collection. Experience a reassuring feel by avoiding duplicate photos in the first place.

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