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Who doesn’t want a younger-looking skin despite being older? Many people, especially women, tend to lose their skin’s elasticity with age due to several factors

Who doesn’t want a younger-looking skin despite being older? Many people, especially women, tend to lose their skin’s elasticity with age due to several factors. For example, giving birth, hormonal changes, using low-quality makeup products, low-quality creams, and diet. The sagged skin can not be hidden by makeup properly, and makes the face look ugly. The sagged skin loses its elasticity and hydration and makes the person look old. Not taking care of your skin at an early age, will make it lose its firmness and elasticity, and you start to look old before your age. Are you looking for some excellent treatment that works best for your sagged skin? And gives you a younger feeling than you must know about Profhilo treatment. This is the best solution for your dry, dull, and sagged skin.

The following article will walk you through some amazing facts about the treatment for old skin and its benefits.

Ø What is a Profhilo treatment?

Profhilo treatment is a natural skin booster and skin revitalizing treatment. It works best for sagged and dull skin. It works in a form of injection that when injected, gives the skin its hydration and smoothness back.

The injections contain hyaluronic acid that has the property to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the substances that hydrate the skin. When the treatment is completed, the quality of skin visibly improves and gives you a younger-looking skin. The treatment is generally popular for the face, but it can used for the neck and lower neck.

If you are concerned about other body parts, then you can have Profhilo for the body. This treatment is suitable for those people who don’t want to have Botox or fillers, but are very concerned about their sagged skin.

Ø How does Profhilo’s treatment work?

With the increase in age, your body tends to produce less collagen and elastin. It is due to the reduced production of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is already present in your body, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. These two substances hydrate the skin, and in return, make it tighter and smoother. The skin gets its elasticity back, and the sagged skin gains its original position.

The Profhilo treatment uses injections containing high concentrations of hyaluronic acid. These injections are injected into your skin and hydrate it.

After the treatment is completed, you will notice a change in your skin texture, color, and health. For an effective, visible result, it is advised to repeat the procedure after every 4 to 6 weeks. Then for 2 to 3 times in a year.

Ø Does it have a long-term effect on younger-looking skin?

Profhilo treatment is a long-term effective treatment that requires retouching sessions every 6 to 9 months to maintain its effects. It’s not a permanent treatment for skin rejuvenation but it is safe to be done when it’s needed.

However, some factors can affect the results of Profhilo treatment. These include your general health and the level of skin issues you are facing.

1.   General health: if you are not taking care of your daily lifestyle and healthy diet, you might see the results of the treatment fade away. The quality of your skin can have an impact if your general health is not good. If you are concerned and focused on your food and lifestyle, then surely you can get benefits from Profhilo.

2.   The severity of skin problems: if you are dealing with severe issues of skin then only Profhilo treatment itself is not enough. You might have to go through other treatments in addition to this. Or if just Profhilo can solve your problems, then you might have to receive the treatment more often.

As there are no fillers and Botox used, hyaluronic acid injected into the skin only hydrates it rather than filling in the skin. It doesn’t fill in the skin to give it an enhanced volume. Instead, it just hydrates the skin when the skin receives it. The treatment takes the advantage of hyaluronic acid being naturally occurring in the body. It not only boosts the skin but provides the production of collagen and elastin, which further gives firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Ø Benefits provided by Profhilo Behandeling:

Profhilo behandeling involves low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that protects the skin from damage and eliminates pain. The low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid causes it to get absorbed by the skin more easily and yields results. The following are the benefits that make it a preferred choice:

·       It is a thermally modified product instead of genetically modified, which means it is not a dermal filler.

·       It has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid.

·       The treatment involves the hydration and moisturizing of the skin.

·       It enhances and maintains the firmness of the skin.

·       It redesigns the sagged skin of the face and neck areas.

·       The treatment is clinically proven to eliminate acne scarring.

·       It is an effective non-surgical treatment.

·       Target problem-causing areas.

·       It improves skin quality and texture.

Ø Which is the best age to get Profhilo treatment?

The age of 30 and over is the best time for Profhilo treatment. The loss of hydration and elasticity of the skin can occur due to the natural aging process. Although, you can get the treatment after the age of 30. But the professional’s advice is to take the treatment as soon as you encounter the signs of aging. As it uses the natural component of the body, “hyaluronic acid”, there is no need to worry about taking the treatment earlier or later. But the signs of aging must be treated earlier, the better.

Ø Conclusion:

Thinking about having a treatment, that is natural and effective, is a positive approach and should be done sooner rather than later. Profhilo treatment is an ideal option to improve your sagged skin and enjoy revitalized skin by looking younger. Now, you don’t have to feel anxious about administering the sagged skin as MEDICA ESTATICA feels proud in allowing their customers to avail of this treatment. 

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