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Did you get grease stains on your new shirt while eating at last night’s party? Now you are worried that the quality of the clothes will be affected if you remove the stain. So don’t worry and keep calm because I’m about to tell you how stain removal laundry service deals with the stains on your shirt.

If any kind of stain gets on our clothes, it spoils the look of the clothes and also makes us feel worried. And if we clean a tough stain at home, we find it very difficult because many of us do not know the various stain removal techniques. Some stains on our clothes are light and some stains are tough, so it is easy to clean light stains but different techniques are used to clean tough stains.

And even if we know that we don’t have enough time to wash our stained clothes after coming back from work, then we should hire a good laundry cleaning service. The service consists of trained and experienced staff who understand the nature of our fabrics. And then to remove the stain according to the nature of our fabric use different techniques. Let us read in detail how laundry cleaning services can deal with various stains on our clothes.

Stains types

  • Outdoor stains
  • Food stains
  • Drink stains
  • Sweets stains
  • Cosmetic stains 
  • Tough stains

Tricks that  used laundry service to remove stains


Stain removal laundry service uses different techniques according to the stains on our clothes and the nature of the clothes so that the quality of our clothes is maintained and the stains are also removed. Here I will share with you some techniques that laundry and dry cleaning services use to remove stains from our clothes.

Pretreatment of stains

Whenever we hire a laundry pickup service to remove stains from our clothes, the first thing they do to analyze the nature of the stain on our clothes. When they understand the nature of the stain on our clothes, they use suitable techniques according to the stain. For example, if our clothes are stained by blood, clothes experts check the nature of our clothes and type of stain first. And determine a suitable strategy to remove it while maintaining the shine and freshness of the clothes.

Stain Removal Chemicals

When we remove stains at home from our loved clothes, we use bleach. Because apart from bleach, we do not know any other chemical which is suitable for our garments. And bleach is not suitable for all our clothes. We cannot use bleach at all on colored and delicate fabrics. Apart from bleaching the color of colored clothes, it also damages the fibers of delicate clothes.

On the contrary, washing and laundry services use a lot of solvents for stain removal. When clothes washer use these solvents to remove the stains from our clothes, they remove stains without damage the quality and shine of our fabrics.

Heat And Agitation

Some stains on our clothes are very tough, like grease or oil stains, and removing them is so difficult because we can’t remove them by the use of bleach or other solvents. We wash our clothes in the 130° temperature water to remove these tough type stains. Laundry washing and ironing services work with the large and heavy washers in which they increase the temperature of water to 130° to clean these stains from our fabrics.

Dry Cleaning for your elegance clothes

We have some clothes that are not suitable for water wash, so the laundry staff also provides dry cleaning services to deal with such clothes. They wash clothes with different types of solvents. If a stain remains after one dry cleaning, the dry cleaners will dry clean the clothes again. But if they have to dry clean our clothes again and again to remove the stubborn stains. They will extra charge us to clean tough stains again.

Treatment Aftercare

Many times, even after washing, stains do not come out completely from our clothes. That is why the laundry washing and ironing service staff re-checks our clothes. if there is any stain left, special solvents are used to remove the stain completely and our clothes look as if the stain was never there.

Laundry cleaning services work with a trained staff that can analyze the nature of our fabric and then treat it with suitable stain-removal techniques. If our cloth is not suitable for water washing then laundry services also offer us dry cleaning services for our delicate clothes. We should choose alaundry washing and ironing service for our clothes that has a good reputation for their work and has a lot of experience in removing stains.

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