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how do i export an olm file to pst file

For professionals who use the Mac system to handle and access their emails, Outlook for Mac is the preferred option. Users may sometimes wish to export Mac Outlook data files to a file format that Windows Outlook can read, such as a PST.

This tutorial will go over both the manual and automated OLM to PST Conversion Tool methods for exporting an OLM file to PST file format. All of the techniques outlined in this blog will undoubtedly help you achieve your goal, whether it’s backing up data or moving to a Windows computer.

Now let’s explore the blog to learn everything you need to know about transferring Outlook data from Mac to Windows.

Free Manual Solution- How Do I Export An OLM File to PST File?

It can take a while to complete the manual process because it requires first moving an OLM file from Mac Outlook and then converting it to the Windows Outlook PST format. To make it easier for you to finish, we’ve divided it into 4 rounds.

Round 1- Exporting Outlook Mac File (OLM)

Important Note: Although it helps you backup your OLM file, this step is optional.

  • On your Mac, open Outlook and select the Export option under the Tools menu.
  • You must select the items you want to export from the Export to Archive File (.olm) window before clicking Continue.
  • You must choose the file name and location where you want to save it in the “Save archive file (.olm) dialog box.”
  • Outlook will now start exporting the selected files. Hit Finish after the process is finished.

Once these steps are finished, the archive .olm file will be available at the desired place.

Round 2- Configuring Gmail with Outlook for Mac

Important Note: Make sure your Gmail account has IMAP enabled before proceeding with this step.

  • Open the Outlook on your Mac, then select Outlook >> Preferences.
  • Next, select the Accounts option from the Personal Settings.
  • You must press the addition (+) symbol in the lower left corner of the Accounts window. There is a drop-down choice; select Email.
  • Enter your Google Mail Account (Gmail) login information when required, then tick Add Account. Your Gmail account will be linked to an Outlook account as a result.

Round 3- Data Transfer from Mac Outlook to Gmail

  • Right-click on a Gmail folder that has been added in Outlook Mac and select New Folder.
  • Rename a folder now and select File > Import.
  • Next, select the mailbox folder that requires exporting by clicking on it.
  • Next, right-click on the contents of the chosen folder, choose Move, then Select Folder.
  • Click Copy after selecting a Gmail folder from the list.
  • This will guarantee that a new Gmail folder is added with all of your OLM file data.

Round 4- Exporting an OLM File to an Outlook PST from Gmail

  • Open Outlook on a Windows computer.
  • Next, set up the Google account that you already created on your Mac.
  • Proceed to the File tab and select Import/Export under Open & Export.
  • From the Import & Export Wizard, pick out Export to a File.
  • Select an Outlook Data File (.pst) and then press the Next button.
  • Select the Gmail folder containing the OLM file data now, then click “Next.”
  • Click the Finish button after choosing the Outlook data file’s (.pst) destination. You can now successfully export your OLM file to a.pst file.

Why Is It Not A Good Idea To Use the Manual Process?

  • Long & time-taking procedure.
  • Bulk data conversion from OLM to PST is not possible.
  • Gmail setup is required.
  • Need technical expertise or assistance.
  • The chance of losing data integrity is very high.

You should use the third-party and professional OLM to PST Converter that is discussed in the following section to get around these restrictions.

Pick Advanced OLM to PST Migration Tool to Export OLM Mailbox Data into PST  

To resolve the issue directly and quickly, you can use the CubexSoft OLM to PST Converter. It is among the best applications which can significantly simplify the Outlook for Mac (OLM) to Outlook for Windows (PST) conversion procedure. With its plenty of features, this utility can export an OLM file containing tasks, notes, journals, contacts, emails, calendars, and more into a format that is compatible with Outlook.

Steps to Export An OLM File to PST File without Outlook

Last Words

You will be able to successfully export an OLM file to PST file format after reading this write-up. You can simply complete your procedure for free by following the traditional instructions. On the other hand, the manual process can be laborious and necessitate technological assistance. Use the third-party OLM Converter Software for a quick fix. It’ll do the tasks rapidly and deliver you accurate outcomes.

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