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As technology has gone far, people are more bent towards non-invasive techniques instead of going for surgeries. They used to try remedies for regrowing their hair, but they had no use. Everyone needs a permanent solution for hair loss so they can build confidence to face the world. It isn’t easy to go out with a bald head or thinning hair because of which people stare at you for the sake of sympathy. There are many reasons for hair loss, but there is an effective solution that will save you from shame. It is a hair transplant in Lahore.
Many innovative techniques and equipment have been established for hair transplants in Lahore so that you don’t have to leave your country for the sake of your hair. Let’s read the following article that will let you know how a hair transplant in Lahore can save you from mental stress.

How hair transplant in Lahore can help you regain your hair?

The doctors and their team for hair transplants in Lahore can help you get your hair back through innovative methods and advanced equipment. These equipment and methods ensure that you receive minimal discomfort and pain. The advanced technology used by doctors in Lahore is of international standard, which has changed the perception of the medical
community and people who were afraid of getting a hair transplant. Now, you can regain your hair with the best facilities and improved hair transplant techniques.
A hair transplant is a procedure through which you can regain your hair without experiencing pain and cuts. There
are mild bruises that fade with time and are unnoticeable. The patient can carry on their usual routine work after the
treatment and keep any hairstyle the way they want to have.
They just have to look for some aftercare that is recommended to them by their doctor. It will ensure the safety of their hair and will facilitate these new hairs to grow strong and effectively. The best technique to choose is FUE (follicular unit extraction) in which individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and placed in the recipient area. The harvested hair follicles are called grafts and consist of varying sizes of hair depending on the number of hairs. Precision and accuracy are important in this procedure for the hair to regrow effectively.

What are the stages involved in an effective hair transplant procedure?

Before the start of the surgery, the doctor will ask you a few questions about your family history, health issues, or if you are taking any medications. According to your hair loss, the surgeon will mark the affected area and will provide anesthesia to your scalp. It will ensure that you undergo a safe process without pain.
After the scalp gets numb, the doctor will proceed with the outpatient process. The procedure will last from 6 to 8 hours. It can continue to multiple sessions depending upon the amount of hair loss. You might feel a little discomfort that is worth the permanent solution for hair loss. With a little numbness to the scalp, the surgeon will plant hair in the bald area. It involves careful supervision and a lot of care. It is an efficient and effective way of regaining your natural hair. The final and most important stage is the aftercare on which hair growth depends. The patient is prescribed some medications and aftercare from the surgery. The patient can continue his or her normal work routine with no side effects.
The pain of the hair transplant will fade away even after the effect of anesthesia disappears. If you are worried and
concerned about the little scars and wounds, they will easily heal within a week.

How long will it take the new hair to grow back?

Generally, after the surgery, the transplanted hair falls within 2 to 4 weeks of surgery. It means that the hair is entering its resting phase. After 3 to 8 months, these transplanted hair starts to grow back. However, it takes 10 to 12 months for the hair to grow back normally and effectively into thick, healthy hair slowly and steadily.

Will the transplanted hair fall again?

If you are looking for a permanent and effective hair loss solution, a hair transplant in Lahore is the best one to choose. It is a great solution for hair loss and baldness. If your hair starts to grow initially with a hair transplant, it will continue to grow for a lifetime.

How to choose the best place for a hair transplant in Lahore?

As hair transplant is the most effective and well-known procedure to gain back lost hair, many clinics are providing the services for hair transplant in Lahore. Choosing the best surgeon and best facilities can be a difficult task to do because no one wants to waste money on unsuccessful procedures. Before making any valuable decision, you must know some facts related to hair transplant.
 The clinic’s hair transplant techniques must be experienced and skilled.
 The clinic has performed the greatest number of surgeries.
 Has international-based techniques and staff.
 The tools and techniques used by the clinic are tried and tested.
 The clinic must possess a trained, experienced, and well-qualified staff.
 The environment of the procedure room and clinic must be hygienically clean.
 Standardized care must be achieved.


Hair is the most prominent and unique part of the human body, without which your appearance seems to be incomplete. Every person wants beautiful and healthy hair. Achieving your hair with success is an important concern. If you are planning to have a hair transplant in Lahore, considering ILHT is the best choice. Why is it so? Because ILHT consists of surgical techniques and equipment that are of the highest quality and work according to internationally approved standards. At ILHT, the doctors have developed industry-accepted and proven hair transplant procedures that provide the best results.

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