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The growing demand of women in different sectors especially in corporate and other allied sectors has changed the scenario in work cadence. All the same on the household front, supporting and harmonizing the family has almost made the life of working women quite hectic and tiresome. This is because in certain households and families, the major part of the task of maintaining the household chores, looking after kids and the aged has also to be carried out by the women. In such cases the only option left is to hire a housemaid to assist in such tasks. In most of the cases, these kinds of families prefer a fulltime living in housemaid who can fully look after the household affairs and chores thereby giving a relief to the working women. But when we get into the other side of the picture, what has been the impact of this kind of upsurge in the maid hiring by the households, on the different sectors of the society?

First of all, this has resulted in a huge upsurge of international cross migration of certain class of populaces of the society into the other parts of the globe. By and large since women are found to be a majority among domestic worker sector, they have in way also become quite a vulnerable group in this section. Lack of alternatives for the women hailing from poorer socio-economic upbringing, and those who are of a lesser education levels, illiterates and or those who were not able to educate themselves in their childhood due to poverty are inevitably forced to carry on as domestic workers or maids since they see this profession as a way of livelihood. More over in the low income group families, particularly the women carry out un-paid tasks within their own family like cooking, cleaning, utensil-washing clothes-washing, taking care of the children the aged and so on, such women think that if the same work is carried out elsewhere it could turn out to be their source of income.

While this is considered as a basic and steady income by this class of society, in reality, there is no particular job description for a maid’s work. From cleaning and upkeep of a home it can range up to child care, cooking, washing and similar household duties. Although women of young age are less motivated in taking up domestic work or becoming maids, a large section is still bent upon choosing this by virtue of its easy access to becoming employed soon especially without any prior educational qualifications. Whatever it may be in the emerging global situation which is altogether fast paced families are constantly looking for maids and likewise women who wish to take up the maid jobs are readily choosing to become paid domestic workers or in other words as maids. In this regard, authorised agents, MOM recognised maid agency, who are registered under the Eazymaid portal are working towards forming a healthy linkage between family and the maid.

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