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Glance is a highly popular lock screen feature that comes pre-installed on many Android smartphones, especially phones from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and others. Developed by InMobi, Glance transforms your boring lock screen into a smart, customizable display with frequently updated best lock screen wallpaper.

One of the best features of Glance is its wallpaper option that lets you set beautiful, high-quality best lock screen wallpaper as your lock screen background. With Glance wallpapers, you can enjoy the new best lock screen wallpaper for your lock screen every day or set a favourite image permanently. The wallpaper collection offers stunning best lock screen wallpaper designs across various categories to match your taste.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into all things Glance wallpapers. We will start by understanding what Glance is, why it is not a standalone glance app download, and how to check if your phone has this nifty feature. We will then explore Glance. Let’s get started!

What is a Glance Lock Screen and How Does it Work?

Glance is an intelligent lock screen developed by InMobi that replaces the standard lock screen on Android phones. When enabled, Glance takes over your lock screen to provide convenient information like date, time, weather, battery percentage, notifications, etc along with the best lock screen wallpapers that refresh throughout the day.

It also displays content like news stories, sports updates, viral videos, jokes, celebrity gossip, and much more. The content refreshes throughout the day to serve fresh information and the best lock screen wallpapers every time you wake up your phone.

Unlike regular apps, Glance is deeply integrated into the phone’s operating system. Therefore, the Glance app download is not possible. It is not a regular feature that you can download from the Google Play Store. 

Why Glance Lock Screen is Not A Separate App

Given its myriad features and content like best lock screen wallpapers, many users think of Glance as a standalone app. However, Glance is baked into the OS of your phone rather than being an app which can easily be accessed by searching “Glance app download.” Here are some reasons Glance can’t be accessed by searching “Glance app download”:

  • Pre-integration during manufacturing – As mentioned earlier, Glance has already been added to the software by the phone maker.
  • No Play Store listing – Being a part of the phone’s firmware, Glance is not listed on the Google Play Store for users to download with a “Glance app download” search.
  • Updates with system – Glance gets updated automatically when your phone receives Android OS updates.

So in summary, Glance is a built-in feature for your lock screen providing content, customization and more. While it may seem like an app, it is not available as a separate mobile “Glance app download” from app stores.

Checking if Your Phone has Glance

Since Glance, the best lock screen wallpaper feature, comes pre-loaded, how do you check if your Android phone already has this nifty feature? Here are a couple of easy ways to verify:

Check lock screen – The easiest way is to simply look at your current lock screen. If you see the Glance branding and interface, then the feature is already active.

Otherwise, look in the Settings 

– Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Display

If there is a Glance or Lock Screen Magazine option here, your phone is equipped with it.

Or you can directly check on Glance Lock Screen’s website if your model has the feature or not. 

If Glance is missing from your phone, you unfortunately cannot download it from any app store as explained earlier. 

Activating Glance Lock Screen on Your Phone

If your Android phone already has Glance but it’s not enabled, you can easily switch it on:

  • Open Settings and go to Lock Screen and Security.
  • Tap on Glance or Lock Screen Magazine.
  • Toggle on the switch next to the ‘Enable’ option.
  • You may need to permit Glance some permissions.

Start using Glance features like the Glance Wallpapers. To be honest, one of my favourite goodies offered by Glance is its awesome wallpaper feature. With Glance Wallpapers, you can set the best lock screen wallpaper for you. 

Benefits of Using Glance Lock Screen

Here are some great advantages of using Glance’s wallpaper feature for your Android lock screen:

  • New best lock screen wallpaper every time – Get a fresh wallpaper that changes automatically every time you wake up your phone.
  • Variety – Tons of wallpaper designs across diverse categories like nature, music, cars, minimalist, etc.
  • High quality – Wallpapers are clear, vivid and optimized for your phone’s display.
  • Inspiration – Wallpapers with motivational quotes, positive affirmations, spiritual designs, and even news stories are present.

In summary, Glance Wallpapers make it effortless to change your lock screen’s look while also retaining utility. And it does this all seamlessly without needing to be a separate app.


Glance offers an amazing wallpaper experience that refreshes your Android lock screen each day with brand new best lock screen wallpapers. With a massive collection categorized across themes, you can find captivating best lock screen wallpapers for any occasion.

Unlike regular apps, Glance is a system-level feature integrated by phone manufacturers. Check if your device has it pre-installed and activate Glance to unlock features like best lock screen wallpapers, Glance Games, Roposo Shopping, etc.

Switch on Glance’s smart best lock screen wallpapers for an elevated lock screen that delights you every time you use your phone. Set your favourite images or be surprised every time you wake up your phone, with Glance handling your lock screen wallpaper needs seamlessly without you needing to separately look for “Glance app download.”

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