Exploring the Depths: Underwater Photography with the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM

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Underwater photography is a mesmerizing discipline that allows photographers to capture the mysterious and vibrant world beneath the waves. Equipped with the Canon 90D paired with the versatile 18-135mm USM lens, photographers can dive into underwater photography with confidence, capturing stunning images of marine life, coral reefs, and underwater landscapes. This article delves into the art and techniques of underwater photography with the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM, highlighting how this setup enhances the experience of exploring and capturing the beauty of the underwater realm.

The Fascination of Underwater Photography

Underwater photography offers a unique perspective of the ocean’s wonders, showcasing marine life in its natural habitat and revealing the intricate details of underwater landscapes. From vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish to majestic sea creatures gliding through the depths, underwater photography captures moments of tranquility, excitement, and awe-inspiring beauty. It requires specialized equipment, technical skills, and a deep appreciation for marine ecosystems.

Introducing the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM: Ideal Setup for Underwater Exploration

The Canon 90D, known for its robust build and advanced features, paired with the 18-135mm USM lens, offers a versatile combination for underwater photography. Key features of the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM that enhance underwater photography include:

  • Crop Sensor Advantage: The Canon 90D’s APS-C sensor provides a 1.6x crop factor, extending the reach of the 18-135mm lens underwater, making it suitable for capturing both wide-angle scenes and close-up shots of marine life.

  • Fast and Quiet Autofocus: The USM (Ultrasonic Motor) technology in the 18-135mm lens ensures fast and precise autofocus performance, essential for capturing sharp images of moving subjects underwater.

  • Image Stabilization: Built-in optical image stabilization in the 18-135mm lens minimizes camera shake, resulting in sharper images, even in challenging underwater conditions where stability is crucial.

  • Versatility in Focal Length: The 18-135mm focal range allows photographers to switch seamlessly between wide-angle and telephoto perspectives, capturing both expansive underwater landscapes and detailed close-ups of marine creatures.

  • Underwater Housing Compatibility: Canon 90D housings designed for underwater use provide protection against water damage and allow full access to camera controls, enabling photographers to operate the camera effectively underwater.

Techniques for Captivating Underwater Photography with the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM

  1. Mastering Light and Color: Use natural light to your advantage, especially in shallow waters or during golden hours, to enhance colors and create vibrant underwater scenes.

  2. Understand Water Conditions: Be mindful of water clarity, currents, and visibility when planning underwater shoots. Clear water conditions allow for sharper images with better color rendition.

  3. Experiment with Composition: Explore different angles and perspectives to capture dynamic underwater compositions. Incorporate natural elements such as rock formations, corals, or sea plants to add depth and context to your images.

  4. Focus on Marine Life Behavior: Patience is key in capturing natural behaviors of marine creatures. Anticipate movements and interactions to capture compelling moments that tell stories of underwater life.

Celebrating Underwater Beauty

Underwater photography with the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM is a journey into the depths of creativity and discovery. It allows photographers to document and share the wonders of marine environments, raising awareness about conservation and the importance of protecting our oceans. Whether exploring tropical reefs, shipwrecks, or encountering marine megafauna, the Canon 90D empowers photographers to capture the magic and diversity of underwater life with stunning clarity and detail.


In conclusion, underwater photography with the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM opens up a world of exploration and visual storytelling. As photographers embrace the capabilities of this versatile setup, they can immerse themselves in the beauty and mystery of underwater ecosystems, capturing moments that inspire, educate, and preserve the fragile balance of marine life. Whether you’re a seasoned underwater photographer or an aspiring enthusiast, the Canon 90D + 18-135mm USM equips you with the tools and technology to create breathtaking images that showcase the splendor of our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

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