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Exploring the Patna to Raxaul Route: A Family Adventure

A Patna-Raxaul family vacation includes historical attractions, cultural events, and gorgeous views. Raxaul is a central commercial town on the Indo-Nepal border that leads to Birgunj, Nepal. Going from Patna to Raxaul with family can be a fun weekend or extended holiday. This guide highlights top attractions and practical recommendations to make your vacation successful. 

Trip Planning 

Transport Mode 

There are numerous ways to get from Patna to Raxaul, 210 kilometres away: 

A taxi from Patna to Raxaul takes 5-6 hours, allowing time for stops and sightseeing nearby attractions. I suggest you to hire Patna to Raxaul taxi fare and enjoy your journey without any hassle.

Regular trains connect Patna to Raxaul, making it handy for families. Train travel takes 6-8 hours. 

State-run and private buses connect Patna to Raxaul. The bus ride lasts 7-8 hours. 

Best Time to Visit 

Visit Raxaul in winter, October to March, when the weather is nice and great for sightseeing. Avoid travel during the monsoon season (July–September) due to excessive rain. 

Attractions En Route 


Vaishali is a historic and religious city 55 kilometres from Patna. It would help if you stopped there on your journey to Raxaul. Major attractions: 

Emperor Ashoka erected this monument to mark his visit to Vaishali and promote peace and nonviolence. 

Sri Vishwa Shanti: A white stupa on a mountaintop with panoramic views of the surrounding area, symbolizing world peace. 

Archaeological Museum: Displays the old city’s ceramics, coins, and sculptures. 

Kesariya Stupa 

One of the world’s largest Buddhist stupas, Kesariya Stupa, is 110 kilometres from Patna. Emperor Ashoka may have erected it. The peaceful place showcases the region’s Buddhist tradition. 


Litchi orchards and culture characterize Muzaffarpur, 80 km from Patna. Great place to eat and explore: 

Litchi Gardens: Try the fresh, delectable litchi fruit in May- June. 

Garib Sthan Mandir: A thriving Shiva temple with exquisite architecture. 

Exploring Raxaul 

Family-friendly attractions and activities await you in Raxaul. 

Border Market 

Raxaul’s lively border market sells Indian and Nepalese items. Shop for souvenirs, local crafts, and traditional apparel here. The vibrant market offers a distinct cultural experience. 

Raxaul Church 

The Raxaul Church is a town monument. Due to its stunning architecture and tranquil atmosphere, it’s a lovely destination for families. 

Trip to Birgunj, Nepal 

Birgunj, Nepal, is a short drive from Raxaul. Cross-border excursions are exciting and provide a distinct culture. Highlights of Birgunj include: 

Ghantaghar: Birgunj’s central clock tower, flanked by merchants and restaurants. 

The Hindu Gadhimai Temple is noted for its annual festival and religious significance. 

Local Food 

Raxaul and Birgunj offer family-friendly local food. There’s something for everyone, from Nepali momos and Thukpa to Bihari litti-Chokha. Try local sweets and nibbles. 

Useful Tips 

All family members should have legal ID, especially if you plan to cross the border into Nepal. 

Medical Warnings: Bring essentials and a first-aid kit. Hydrate and watch food hygiene. 

For convenience, bring Nepali rupees (NPR) to Birgunj, while Indian Rupees are acceptable. 

Safety: The region is typically safe, but watch your belongings. 

Family trips from Patna to Raxaul offer history, culture and scenery. This journey offers many adventures from the ancient ruins of Vaishali to the busy markets of Raxaul and the beautiful village of Birgunj. With intelligent planning and adventure, this fascinating trip can create lasting family memories. Take advantage of the various attractions and tours from Patna to Raxaul on your family holiday. If you need Patna to Raxaul taxi then click on the link below: https://bit.ly/3QZOipl

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Written by Savitayadav