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Traditional Indian Clothes

Indian clothes are known for their vivid shades, intricate designs, embroideries, and cultural importance. With over 1.3 billion people, the country includes several traditional clothing styles reflecting its history and vibrant culture.

From flowy lungis in the south to colorful sarees in the north, Indian clothing enjoys a unique style recognized globally. People of all ages wear these dresses, society and prefer till date. Let’s explore the different Indian clothes for men and women and their significance:

Known Traditional Clothing For Men


Sarong or lungi is traditional men’s clothing. It is a garment usually worn in white at the waist, over the buttocks up to the ankle or knees. It is tucked inside while working and left open during meetings, outings and religious events. 

Lungis are basically of two types, open and stitched. An open lungi is a clothing piece of silk or cotton, while a stitched lungi has its loose ends stitched together. 

Achkan/ sherwani

Achkan is a short jacket with buttons on the front. The length of an Achkan coat is till the knee of the wearer. Similarly, sherwani is a long jacket dress, somewhat similar to an Achkan.

Usually, achkan is teamed with churidar for a perfect look. It can be designed and worn in different fabrics and is recommended for all casual and traditional gatherings. Often achkan is embroidered in ethical Indian motifs such as badla or gota.

Now Nehru jackets have taken over Achkan. And often, grooms and those attending weddings are seen wearing Nehru jackets with a stole.


While Bandhgala was highly popular during the British Raj in India, it has its roots in Jodhpur. It includes a jacket, pants, along with a vest.

It is usually worn for formal events such as parties and weddings. As a general rule, the pant should be matched with the jacket. However, nowadays, people often bear it with contrasting color bottoms.


The turbans worn by Indian Sikhs are known as Dastar or pagri. It involves religious sentiments and beliefs. However, nowadays, it is often worn during traditional events such as weddings. 

Known Traditional Clothing For Women

Salwar kameez

The salwar kameez is Indian clothing worn mainly by the women of Punjab, Haryana, Jammu, Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. It includes a loose pair of pants tapering at the ankle and a kurta-style shirt reaching the knees or below. The kameez may have loose-fitting or body-fit stitching, necklines, and sleeve preferences. It is further worn with a dupatta.

You can buy salwar kameez in different fabrics, from silk, cotton, crepe, georgette and chiffon. They are available with prints, embroideries, or other embellishments.


Saree is a traditional Indian attire worn by women. It is a flattering and sensuous dress worn regularly or occasionally. There are different styles to drape a saree, and every Indian region has their unique way.

Lehenga choli

A traditional wear, often worn at weddings and the festive season is the lehenga choli. It is a popular dress in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Often women are seen wearing it during Navratri. Enriched with embellishments, embroideries, mirror rk and zari work, the dress looks ethereal and classic. Brides in Northern India also wear the outfit.


Indian clothing varies majorly from one region to another because of the country’s vast cultural diversity and climatic conditions. Right from achkan, lungi, and kurta pyjama worn by women to lehenga choli, saree and salwar kameez worn by women, these traditional costumes are loved by the Indian people and worn daily and occasionally. Pick your ideal wear and try one of the formal Indian wear to recognize your culture better.

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