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This article is about Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) and their role in offering solace and support to individuals with mental illnesses. Thus, if you would like to get an ESA letter in different states across the USA, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of what is required for the process.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to secure an ESA letter in Texas, Oregon and Colorado as well as recommended breeds of dogs for emotional support.

Obtaining an ESA Letter in Texas, Oregon, and Colorado


In Texas, one would normally require a licensed mental health professional such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist to evaluate one’s condition so as to establish whether one should be given an ESA letter texas. In this regard, the letter should include professional opinion and prescription for an ESA. The process may entail these:

  • Consultation: Schedule an appointment with a licensed mental health professional.
  • Evaluation: Discuss your mental health condition and the potential benefits of an ESA.
  • Documentation: Receive a signed ESA letter that meets the specific criteria outlined by federal and state regulations.


Oregon has adopted federal regulations regarding ESAs. If you wish to get an ESA letter Oregon, you will need the help of a recognized mental health expert who will conduct similar evaluation with that mentioned above. These involve:

  • Assessment: Visit a mental health professional to discuss your condition and the role an ESA could play.
  • Prescription: Upon evaluation, receive an ESA letter outlining the professional’s recommendation.
  • Compliance: Ensure the letter meets the standards required by landlords, airlines, and other institutions under state and federal laws.

Recommended Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

Choosing the right breed for an emotional support animal is crucial. Here are some breeds known for their temperament and suitability:

  1. Airedale Terrier: Known for their loyalty and intelligence, Airedale Terrier make affectionate and responsive ESAs.

  2. Akbash Dog: Calm and gentle, Akbash Dogs are excellent for providing emotional support due to their protective nature and calm demeanor.

  3. Akita Chow Mix: A mix of Akita and Chow breeds can combine the Akita’s loyalty with the Chow’s gentleness, making Akita Chow Mix attentive and comforting companions.

  4. American BulldogAmerican Buldogs are known for their loving and protective nature, making them ideal ESAs for those needing emotional support.

Legit Platforms for More Information

For further information on dog breeds and emotional support animals, consider visiting these reputable platforms: is a one-stop online shop for pet lovers that brings together various aspects of pets such as dogs, cats and other animals. It contains a lot of details about types of dogs, training styles, health tips, as well as insights into different dog breeds that can be used in various capacities including being emotional support animals. focuses on providing educational resources and learning materials for those who love dogs. Here you can go through courses, get guides or read articles on what dog training methods there are for specific issues like behavior problems in certain breeds or roles that dogs take up when they serve as emotional support animals. highlights the marvels of canines via stories told by experts and informative articles.

DogTime also provides breed profiles of over 300 different dogs, training advice from experts, health tips from vets and lifestyle pieces too.


This is where you will find the most valuable information about emotional support animals, different dog breeds and responsible pet ownership. These platforms are good sources of information on particular dogs’ nature, how to train them and ensure they get good care.

By following these steps and guidelines, you can navigate the process of obtaining an ESA letter in different states and find the right emotional support animal to suit your needs. For detailed information and personalized advice, consulting with a licensed mental health professional is recommended.


What is meant by an ESA letter, and why do I need to have one?

An ESA letter is a written document from a licensed mental health professional that says somebody needs to keep an animal for the sake of their mental health. There are legal protections provided by both federal law and state laws.

Can any dog breed be considered an emotional support animal?

Yes, any breed can possibly be used as an ESA. However, some breeds are known for having the right temperament and suitability to provide emotional support.

Should I register my emotional support animal?

Officially there isn’t any registration for ESAs under Federal Law; however, it’s important to have an ESA letter when seeking housing or air travel accommodations.

How long does my ESA letter last?

ESAs letters must usually be renewed each year but this may vary depending on the provider and individual circumstances.



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