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Eau de Parfum Price in Kuwait:

Perfume enthusiasts in Kuwait are known for their refined tastes and passion for exquisite fragrances. The vibrant market for eau de parfum price in Kuwait caters to this discerning audience, offering a variety of luxurious scents to suit every preference. In this article, we will explore the prices of eau de parfum in Kuwait, focusing on popular brands, including Ajmal, Lulu, and Sauvage, while also discussing the factors influencing these prices and providing insights into the best places to purchase these captivating fragrances.

Understanding Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum (EDP) is a type of fragrance that contains a higher concentration of perfume oils compared to eau de toilette (EDT) and eau de cologne. Typically, EDP contains 15-20% perfume oils, offering a longer-lasting scent that can linger for up to 8 hours. This makes EDP a favored choice for those seeking a more enduring fragrance experience.

Popular Eau de Parfum Brands in Kuwait

Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Perfumes is a renowned name in the Middle Eastern fragrance market, known for its luxurious and diverse range of scents. Ajmal’s ladies perfume in kuwait offerings are particularly popular in Kuwait, celebrated for their rich, oriental compositions that often feature oud, musk, and floral notes. Prices for Ajmal perfumes in Kuwait vary depending on the specific fragrance and bottle size, generally ranging from 15 KD to 60 KD. Some of the best Ajmal perfumes are highly sought after and can be found in major retailers and Ajmal boutiques across the country.

Lulu Eau de Parfum

Lulu Hypermarket, a well-known retail chain in Kuwait, offers a wide selection of eau de parfum at competitive prices. Lulu’s in-house brand and other international brands available at their stores provide an affordable option for perfume lovers. The price of Lulu eau de parfum in Kuwait typically ranges from 10 KD to 50 KD, making it accessible for a broader audience while maintaining quality and variety.

Sauvage Perfume

Dior’s Sauvage is another popular choice among Kuwaitis, known for its fresh, spicy, and slightly woody scent. Sauvage is available in various concentrations, including eau de parfum, which tends to be pricier due to its higher perfume oil content. The price of Sauvage eau de parfum in Kuwait generally falls between 30 KD and 90 KD, depending on the bottle size and retailer.

Oud Perfumes

Oud, often referred to as “liquid gold,” is a beloved ingredient in Middle Eastern perfumery. Oud perfumes are highly valued for their deep, woody, and resinous aroma. In Kuwait, oud perfumes are available from numerous brands, including local favorites and international luxury houses. The oud perfume price in Kuwait can range significantly, with some high-end options reaching up to 200 KD or more for a premium bottle.

Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes

Ahmed Al Maghribi is another prominent perfume house in Kuwait, known for its unique and exquisite fragrances. Their eau de parfum collections often blend traditional Arabic scents with modern perfumery techniques. Prices for Ahmed Al Maghribi perfumes in Kuwait typically range from 20 KD to 80 KD, depending on the fragrance and bottle size.

Factors Influencing Eau de Parfum Prices in Kuwait

Several factors can influence the price of eau de parfum in Kuwait, including:

  1. Brand and Reputation: Established and luxury brands tend to price their perfumes higher due to their reputation and quality.
  2. Ingredients: The use of rare and high-quality ingredients, such as oud, can significantly increase the price.
  3. Concentration: Higher concentrations of perfume oils, as found in EDP, usually command higher prices.
  4. Bottle Design: Exquisitely designed bottles and packaging can also add to the cost.
  5. Retailer: Prices can vary between different retailers, with luxury boutiques typically charging more than larger retail chains like Lulu.

Where to Buy Eau de Parfum in Kuwait

Specialty Boutiques

For those seeking exclusive and high-end perfumes, specialty boutiques and branded stores are the best options. Ajmal, Dior, and Ahmed Al Maghribi all have dedicated stores in Kuwait that offer their full range of products, including limited editions and exclusive releases.

Department Stores

Major department stores in Kuwait, such as The Avenues and 360 Mall, house numerous perfume counters featuring international and local brands. These stores often provide a wide selection and the convenience of comparing different perfumes in one place.

Online Retailers

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in Kuwait, with many consumers opting to purchase perfumes from the comfort of their homes. Websites like Boutiqaat, Taw9eel, and Amazon offer a broad range of eau de parfum options, often with competitive pricing and delivery services.

Is Eau de Parfum Real Perfume?

Yes, eau de parfum is indeed real perfume. It is one of the most concentrated forms of fragrance available, containing a significant percentage of perfume oils. This ensures a long-lasting scent that can provide an enduring and intense olfactory experience compared to lighter concentrations like eau de toilette and eau de cologne.

Rose Eau de Parfum

For lovers of floral fragrances, rose eau de parfum is a timeless choice. Many brands in Kuwait offer rose-based perfumes that range from soft and powdery to rich and opulent. The price of rose eau de parfum in Kuwait varies, with options available from both local perfumers and international luxury brands. These perfumes typically range from 20 KD to 100 KD, depending on the brand and concentration.


The perfume market in Kuwait is diverse and vibrant, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Whether you are seeking the luxurious scents of Ajmal and Ahmed Al Maghribi, the renowned fragrance of Dior’s Sauvage, or the affordable elegance of Lulu eau de parfum, there is something for everyone. By understanding the factors that influence perfume prices and exploring various purchasing options, you can find the perfect eau de parfum to suit your taste and budget in Kuwait.

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