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Are your windows antique and draughty? Do they allow in outside noise? Maybe it is time to consider upgrading to double glazing.

Double glazed windows have  panes of glass with a gap between them. This makes them much higher than single pane home windows. They keep your house hotter, quieter, and greater secure.

In this manual, we’re going to let you know the entirety you want to understand about double glazing. Let’s begin with the basics.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a sort of window with two sheets of glass. There is a small gap among the panes, normally packed with air or gas. This hole is what makes double glazing so effective.

The two panes and the gap create insulation. This means the home windows keep the interior within the wintry weather. They additionally keep heat out inside the summertime. Pretty smart, right?

Double glazing has been used in Europe for a long time. But it’s becoming more popular in different elements of the world too. Many people are deciding on double glazing for his or her new houses or to update antique home windows.

Benefits of Double Glazing

So why do you have to pick out double glazing? Here are the primary blessings:

  • Better insulation: Double glazing is splendid at stopping heat from escaping. It can reduce warmness loss via half compared to unmarried glazing. This manners lower heating bills for you!
  • Reduced noise: The gap between the panes allows blocking outside sounds. If you stay somewhere noisy, double glazing could make a huge distinction. Your home might be tons quieter and greater non violent.
  • Less condensation: Single pane home windows frequently get condensation on them. But with double glazing, the internal pane remains warmer. So you don’t get those worrying water droplets.
  • Increased protection: Double glazed home windows are tougher to break than unmarried panes. Many also include locks for additional safety. You can experience more security in your private home.
  • UV safety: Double glazing blocks a number of the solar’s harmful UV rays. This enables you to defend your carpets and fixtures from fading.

All in all, double glazing can make your property more comfortable. It can also save you money on power fees. Experts say upgrading from single to double glazing should save you round £a hundred in keeping with 12 months on bills.

Types of Double Glazing

When you’re looking at double glazing, you’ve got some alternatives. Here are the primary sorts:

uPVC Double Glazing

uPVC is a kind of plastic used for window frames. It’s the most commonplace and cheap kind of double glazing.

UPVC frames are robust and lengthy-lasting. They don’t want a great deal of renovation and are available one of a kind colours. They won’t rot, bend or fade.

The only downside is that a few humans do not just like the appearance of plastic. It doesn’t have the equal charm as natural substances like wood.

Aluminium Double Glazing

Aluminium frames are sturdy however lightweight. They slightly need some protection. Their narrow design allows for larger glass regions.

However, aluminium conducts warmness. This makes it much less insulating than uPVC or wood. Some aluminium frames have thermal breaks to improve insulation.

Wooden Double Glazing

Wooden frames give a conventional, herbal appearance. They provide precise insulation and are green.

However, timber frames want extra care than uPVC or aluminium. They can warp, rot or weather over the years if not nicely treated. Wooden frames additionally have a tendency to be more expensive.

Composite Double Glazing

Composite frames blend the exceptional functions of uPVC and timber. They have the low-preservation of plastic with the conventional look of wood.

Composite frames are made from sustainable materials. They insulate well and are very tough-wearing. The only con is they cost more than uPVC.

Choosing the Right Double Glazing

With various types available, how do you choose the best double glazing near me for your home? Consider these factors:

1. Energy Efficiency

Check the Energy Rating label to evaluate how green one of a kind windows are. Ratings go from A++ (great) to E (worst).

The body fabric, variety of panes, gap size and fuel type all have an effect on efficiency.

2. Noise Reduction

Is blockading noise a big precedence for you? Then look for double glazing designed for sound insulation.

Generally, thicker glass and wider gaps are better at decreasing noise.

3. Security

For pinnacle security, select home windows licensed to PAS 24 requirements. This approach has passed strict checks against forced entry.

Features to look for encompass multi-point locks, safety hinges and bolstered frames.

4. Style

Double glazed windows are available in masses of various patterns. Popular options are casement, tilt and turn, sash, and bay windows.

Think about what fits your own home’s appearance and your own taste.

5. Budget

Prices for double glazing range lots based on size, style and substances. UPVC is normally the most inexpensive, then aluminium, then wood.

Get prices from a few exclusive businesses to examine expenses. Remember that a few pricier options might prevent extra in the long run.

Double Glazing Installation

Found your best double glazing? Great! Now it is time to get them fitted.

While you could install windows yourself, it is pleasant to get a professional. Poor becoming can result in gaps, drafts and lower efficiency. That defeats the point of having new windows!

When choosing an installer, search for a employer that:

  • Is registered with FENSA or Certass
  • Has revel in along with your sort of double glazing
  • Will give references and show preceding paintings
  • Is insured to defend you if something is going wrong
  • Is clear about prices and timings

Fitting commonly takes 1-2 days, depending on how many windows you have got. The installer will take out your antique windows and place them inside the new double glazed gadgets. They’ll seal them to lead them to be weatherproof.

After the set up, recollect to register your assurance. This covers you for any manufacturing troubles.

Double Glazing Maintenance

One fantastic aspect about double glazing is it is low-upkeep. But there are still a few things you could do to maintain your home windows in pinnacle situation:

  • Clean the frames and glass regularly with soapy water. Don’t use harsh cleaners that would cause scratches.
  • Check the seals around the brink every 12 months. Look for any cracks or gaps. Damaged seals allow moisture in among the panes and reduce insulation.
  • Oil any transferring elements like hinges or locks to keep them running easily.
  • If condensation appears between the panes, the seal has broken. You’ll want to update the unit. Get in touch with your installer or manufacturer.

If you look after them, suitable fine double glazed windows can remain for over two decades.


Upgrading to double glazing is high-quality funding in your home. It improves consolation, performance and price for cash.

To pick out the fine double glazing, consider:

  • Energy performance
  • Noise discount
  • Security capabilities
  • Style alternatives
  • Your finances

The preliminary price may seem excessive. But the benefits are worth it ultimately. You’ll have a cosier home, lower bills, less noise and more protection.

If you’re geared up to revel in the perks of double glazing, start getting quotes from neighborhood installers. With the right windows, you may wish you’d upgraded quicker!

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