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No one appreciates a small bathroom, but what to do when you already have one? There are numerous strategic ways to visually expand small spaces, like bathrooms, by using tiles to create a feel of a larger space. After all, every inch matters in small bathrooms. So, using the right tile designs can not only help you improve your small bathroom space but also add a sense of enlargement. Here are some creative tiling ideas to elevate your small bathroom’s aesthetics.

Creative Tiling Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Airy Look with White 

Believe it or not, the white colour is widely used in small spaces to create a visual expansion of the area. White colour reflects light all around, it can brighten up the space, creating an illusion of space. This makes the colour perfect for small areas like bathrooms. So, if you want to creatively enhance your small bathroom tile design, consider bringing white tiles into the space. With white tiled walls, you can go for white tiled flooring with a hint of black, like creating a black-and-white checkerboard flooring for a gorgeous bathroom look. 

Make a Statement 

It can indeed be challenging to decorate small spaces. But it is absolutely helpful if you consider creating an accent wall to draw the focus on one wall. So, you can consider creating a stylish accent wall in your small bathroom. Be it your backsplash or the wall behind your bathtub, you can combine a decorative wall tile design, like geometric or floral, paired with complementing wall tiles on the rest of the wall space. Also, you can add a sink, mirror, bathtub, or hanging light fixtures to accentuate the space further. 

Use Large-Format Tiles 

Trick your brain into seeing your small bathroom as a large one by adding large-format tiles. Larger than regular tiles, these tiles can create an uninterrupted look, making the space appear less cluttered, thanks to their fewer grout lines. This helps in visually enlarging your space. Also, to amplify the visual expansion effect, you can consider picking light-toned tiles in large sizes and laying the same tile design on the walls and flooring for a seamless look. 

Dual Tones 

If you like the idea of tricking your brain into enlarging your bathroom space, you can do something more than that. Consider combining large tiles in two colours in your bathroom. You can use one colour for the flooring while adding another to the walls. You can mix and match different tile colour combinations to find what suits your bathroom decor. Also, add the right lights to complement the tiles and make your bathroom look incredible. 

Go All-Out with Marble 

Marble doesn’t disappoint no matter where you use it. Adding a marble effect to your small bathroom is an excellent choice to improve its look. They can add natural elegance and make the space look luxurious. You should prefer lighter tones to let their gorgeous veining contribute to incorporating a sense of depth and movement into the space. 

Pastel Tones 

Pastel colours can be a fantastic substitute for the white colour. Also, they can add a dash of colour to your bathroom, which white cannot. While white is preferred for more classic settings, pastel tones can eliminate the sense of boredom from the space. For instance, if you think of combining pastel green or pink, you can add a refreshing touch to the space, letting you relax and feel at ease. 

Geometric Interest 

Another excellent way to create a stunning bathroom design is by infusing geometric tile designs. Adding geometric tiles, like herringbone patterns, can add depth and movement to the bathroom wall or flooring, making the space appear larger. You can also bring hexagonal tiles which can make your small bathroom appear interesting. You can cover some areas with these tiles. Instead, using them in small amounts can create a more captivating design. For example, you can use them for an accent wall or the flooring. 


Whether you plan to redo your small bathroom decor or create a new one, using the right tiles creatively can surely make a difference. You can reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore a fantastic range of bathroom tiles to improve your bathroom decor.

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