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Ultimate Guide to Hair Extensions Salon Services and Pricing

Hair extensions have become an essential part of many beauty regimens, offering instant length, volume, and even color changes. Whether you’re considering a new look for a special occasion or looking to maintain a fabulous everyday style, knowing the costs and services available at hair extension salons is crucial. In this guide, we’ll delve into the typical price lists you might encounter, what to expect from your local hair extension salon, and how to find the best salons with stellar reviews.

Typical Hair Extensions Salon Price List

Hair extension costs can vary widely based on the type, length, quality of the hair, and the method of application. Here’s a breakdown of common services and their average prices:

  1. Consultation:
    • Price: $50 – $100
    • Details: An essential first step where you discuss your desired look, the best type of extensions for your hair, and any specific requirements. This fee is often applied to the service if you decide to proceed.
  2. Tape-In Extensions:
    • Price: $200 – $400 for the application
    • Maintenance: $100 – $200 every 6-8 weeks
    • Details: Thin, adhesive wefts that are taped to your natural hair. Great for adding length and volume with minimal damage.
  3. Sew-In (Weave) Extensions:
    • Price: $150 – $600 for the application
    • Maintenance: $50 – $150 for tightening every 4-6 weeks
    • Details: Hair is braided tightly to the scalp and wefts are sewn into the braids. Ideal for thicker hair.
  4. Clip-In Extensions:
    • Price: $100 – $500 (purchase cost, application usually not required)
    • Details: These are temporary extensions that you can clip in and out yourself. Perfect for occasional use or special events.
  5. Micro-Link Extensions:
    • Price: $300 – $1,000 for the application
    • Maintenance: $150 – $300 every 6-8 weeks
    • Details: Small wefts or strands of hair are attached using tiny metal beads. They offer a natural look and are reusable.
  6. Fusion (Bonded) Extensions:
    • Price: $500 – $2,500 for the application
    • Maintenance: $200 – $500 for touch-ups every 2-3 months
    • Details: Keratin or glue bonds are used to attach extensions to small sections of your natural hair. Known for their long-lasting results.
  7. Halo Extensions:
    • Price: $200 – $600 (purchase cost)
    • Details: A single weft of hair attached to a clear, thin wire that sits on your head like a halo. Easily removable and less damaging.
  8. Hair Extension Removal:
    • Price: $50 – $200
    • Details: Safe removal of extensions to prevent damage to your natural hair.
  9. Custom Coloring/Blending:
    • Price: $100 – $300
    • Details: Coloring extensions to match your natural or dyed hair perfectly.
  10. Styling and Cutting Extensions:
    • Price: $50 – $150
    • Details: Cutting and styling your extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Finding a Hair Extensions Salon Near You

When looking for a salon that specializes in hair extensions, consider the following tips:

  1. Research Online:
    • Use search terms like “hair extensions salon near me” on Google or Yelp to find local options.
    • Check the salon’s website for detailed service lists, pricing, and photos of their work.
  2. Social Media:
    • Platforms like Instagram and Facebook can provide visual portfolios of local salons’ work.
    • Follow hashtags like #hairextensions and #hairextensionsalon to find trending salons.
  3. Word of Mouth:
    • Ask friends or family members who have hair extensions for recommendations.
    • Join local beauty forums or social media groups to get real-life reviews.

Reviews and Recommendations

Before committing to a salon, reading reviews is crucial. Here’s how to navigate salon reviews effectively:

  1. Yelp and Google Reviews:
    • Look for salons with high ratings and read through the most recent reviews.
    • Pay attention to feedback on customer service, quality of work, and the longevity of extensions.
  2. Salon Websites:
    • Many salons feature testimonials from clients. These can give insight into customer satisfaction and service quality.
  3. Social Media Feedback:
    • Check comments on the salon’s social media posts. Happy (or unhappy) clients often share their experiences here.
  4. Professional Certifications:
    • Verify if the salon’s stylists have certifications from reputable hair extension academies. This can be an indicator of their expertise and commitment to quality.

Top Hair Extensions Salons to Consider

Here are a few highly-rated salons that specialize in hair extensions:

  1. Glamour Locks Hair Extensions Salon
    • Known for their expert application of Micro-Link and Tape-In extensions.
    • Consistently positive reviews on both service and quality.
  2. The Hair Shop
    • Offers a wide range of extension types and is praised for their professional and friendly staff.
  3. Just Extensions
    • Specializes exclusively in hair extensions, offering personalized consultations and top-notch service.
  4. Salon V
    • Renowned for custom color blending and exceptional attention to detail.
  5. Hair By Russians
    • Provides premium quality extensions with a focus on Russian hair, which is known for its luxurious texture and longevity.


Choosing the right hair extensions salon is a significant decision that can dramatically enhance your look and confidence. By understanding the typical services and prices, knowing how to find a reputable salon near you, and relying on trusted reviews, you can ensure you get the best possible results. Whether you’re new to hair extensions or a seasoned pro, investing time in selecting the right salon will pay off in stunning, natural-looking hair.

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