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Constipation is caused by spinal problems. If you have a spinal cord infection, tumor, spinal cord injury, or nervous system disease, you may have a neurogenic bowel, which causes severe constipation. Can constipation cause back pain? Sometimes constipation causes back discomfort, and vice versa.

Back Pain & Constipation-Caused Conditions

Constipation and back discomfort may not be related. Conditions connected with both may be the problem. This includes:


Nearby tumors can push on the spinal cord, producing back pain and decreasing bowel movement. Abdominal tumors can push on the bowels, making stool passage harder. 


This could be inside or outside the intestines. Constipation, lower back discomfort, gas, intercourse pain, fertility troubles, and rectum bleeding during menstruation might result from bowel involvement.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

This chronic functional bowel condition affects bowel movements.  With their different bowel routines, IBS and IBS-C can both lead to back pain and constipation. Some signs of IBS are discomfort in the stomach, gas, and diarrhea.


This condition causes discomfort throughout the body, especially the back. You may have irritable bowel syndrome symptoms like constipation and back discomfort.

Managing Back Pain From Constipation

First, tackle the underlying health condition causing constipation and back pain. If constipation causes back pain, treating it directly may help. Home remedies for constipation include:

  • Improved fiber intake: Fiber-rich foods include entire grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Fiber supplements are also available, but see your doctor first.
  •  Stay hydrated: Avoid dehydration and constipation by consuming adequate fluids. Try clear soups, herbal tea, or naturally sweetened fruit juices with water.
  • Exercise regularly. Inactivity can cause constipation. Moderate activity several times a week can help your bowels.
  • Consult your doctor for bowel training advice.
  • Stop taking constipation drugs. Your doctor can tell you which medicines cause constipation. Constipating medicines may be stopped or switched by them.
  • Take laxatives or stool softeners. OTC medications may help you pass stool if your doctor prescribes them. These drugs come in many varieties. Due to muscle spasms and dehydration, pregnant women should avoid these medicines.

How Do You Treat Back Pain & Constipation?

Treatment depends on the nature of the cause of constipation, and back pain depends on the cause.  If dehydration is causing your constipation, your doctor may recommend drinking extra water. If sciatica causes your back discomfort and constipation, your doctor will treat it. Medication, physical therapy, and surgery treat sciatica.  This can help your doctor identify the root causes of your constipation and back pain and find the best solutions.

Lower Back-Digestive System Relationship

Constipation can cause back discomfort by blocking waste in your lower intestines. While you wait to “go,” your food causes additional waste to build and become affected, making the problem worse. Back pain from strained or tight muscles can also cause constipation. When muscles tense too firmly, gut nerves can be affected. 

Fecal Impaction & Back Pain—Relationship?

 Frequent, untreated constipation causes feces impaction. Constipation makes your colon tight and narrow, causing feces to build up. Eventually, this compressed bulk causes fecal impaction. Less common causes of fecal impaction include a lack of exercise, medicine, surgery, and laxative usage.  Is it treatable? Yes. Do not worry.

For this condition, an enema, water irrigation, laxatives, and/or anal suppositories are usually prescribed. Do not resolve this at home. Don’t ignore symptoms, especially if back pain spreads to the legs.  It’s one of the worst-case scenarios. Most have ‘only’ general constipation.

Chronic Constipation Complications?

  •  Some chronic constipation complications include:
  •  Strain-induced anus hemorrhoids.
  •  Mini-fissures around the anus.
  •  Rectal prolapse: anus-protruding rectum.
  •  Prolonged lower back pain: Untreated constipation might cause this.
  •  Chronic constipation can cause stool accumulation.
  •  Chronic constipation may raise the risk of cancer, especially colon cancer.


Other Causes of Back Pain 

Constipation can cause back pain, but not always. Other non-related issues may cause your chronic pain. Other than constipation, these disorders can cause back pain.


Work sometimes requires long sittings without moving or drinking water for hours, which can cause severe constipation and back pain. We always recommend small breaks and movements to improve physical function. 

Spinal Damage 

In most cases, slipped disc damage can cause severe back pain. These injuries rarely go unnoticed, but it’s conceivable. Ignoring such conditions may cause more back discomfort. We still think about constipation. Thus, Pain management in Dallas advises frequent body check-ups to detect any underlying issues early and prevent them from worsening. 

Other typical problems:

  • Improper sleeping positions
  • Muscle strain
  • Tumor
  • Obesity
  • Dehydration  
  • Low-fiber diet
  • Certain drugs
  • Bowel blockage  rectal or colon cancer
  • Back discomfort might result from a spinal cord infection or malignancy. The condition may cause constipation. 

Always receive a thorough exam, regardless of severity. It will relieve your pain and prevent the issue from becoming a significant concern.


Can constipation cause back pain?Fever, vomiting, severe discomfort, or bleeding require rapid medical intervention. Natural remedies, bowel training, and modest exercise may not relieve constipation. Consult the best back  doctors in Dallas. Make an appointment if stool accumulation or another reason for constipation requires a doctor’s diagnosis.

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