Affordable and Student-Friendly Dining Options in Frankfurt: A Guide to Budget-Friendly Eats for Students

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Frankfurt is one of the cities in Germany, which attracts people from around the world. It has excellent travel destinations, restaurants, and a lot more things that attract people from around the world. One of the popular aspects, that attracts people here, is higher education. A large population of international students can be witnessed in Frankfurt every year. 

When international students start living in Frankfurt, they also like to explore the city to make the significant years of their lives memorable. There are a number of important landmarks, which can be visited by students during their spare time. 

But, apart from landmarks, dining options are the other things that overseas students like to visit for dining and fun. Many of these students like to visit to eat out frequently as it may not be possible for them every time to cook food in the kitchens of their accommodations. So, here, you will read about some student-friendly dining options, which are close to student housings in Frankfurt. Since accommodations for students are usually found near educational institutes, they are also close to them. 

Below are some of the dining options to visit if they are near your educational institute or student accommodation Frankfurt

Café Crumble 

It is well known among students since it is situated in close proximity to Goethe University. Offering traditional breakfast and lunch meals for reasonably low prices, this café has a cozy ambiance. They have wholesome sandwiches that you can have as your lunch and equally delicious salads or desserts that one can grab a quick bite between classes at the university. The best thing about Café Crumble lies in the low prices that the café offers making it the best place for students who want to eat tasty foods without spending a lot of money. 

Cafeterias and Mensas 

Some of Frankfurt’s universities have several numbers of student cafeterias which are popular as Mensas offering fresh and cheap foods to students. For instance, Mensa on the Westend Campus of Goethe University provides affordable meals, including German and different types of dishes from other countries. Concerning the prices, many meals can be bought for less than €5, which is rather suitable for students. Not only are these cafeterias comfortable, but they also make sure that students are offered meals with all the necessary nutrients at different times of the day. 

Student-Friendly Dining Options Close to Housing in Frankfurt

Fritz 52 

It is for sure that for people living in the surroundings of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Fritz 52 is a must-visit gastropub. This restaurant has a very casual dining feel and it offers an incredible variety of dishes for everybody. Fritz 52 also offers some tasty vegetarian and vegan meals for students and everyone else. Due to their cheap prices, and special offers, eating out will be cheaper while the friendly staff enhances the mood. 

Pizzeria Montana 

The love for pizza is unstoppable, and since the Pizzeria Montana is close to the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt, many students prefer it. This pizzeria offers wood-fired pizzas and customers can choose various toppings ranging from potato chips, cheese, and many others. Their prices are pocket-friendly, and they more often offer discounts for students making it even more convenient. Regardless of whether one orders food to be eaten on the premises or to carry it out, Pizzeria Montana is a good place for good food. 


Located in the Bockenheim area of Frankfurt, near several student accommodations, it is no wonder that BonaMente is a favorite Italian restaurant that offers meals well-suited for students. It has a variety of pasta dishes as well as some other dishes, which are the specialties of the restaurant. This restaurant occasionally puts up offers and relatively affordable prices on its menu since students make up a significant portion of their target clientele after college. Specifically, the outside area for dining is great for dinner, which makes this dining place even more special. 

Green Papaya 

If the craving for Vietnamese food has set in, then the Nordend district has Green Papaya where students can grab a cheap meal. Green Papaya is famous for constantly using fresh foods and preparing dishes that taste delicious, which makes this place popular among students in search of good food. The most enjoyed foods in this restaurant include the pho and different types of sandwiches, and most of their servings are worth coming for. 

Street Food Markets 

Currently, there are several street food markets in Frankfurt and students are just the right people to try some different food without spending too much. Like the Wochenmarkt Konstablerwache, other markets can easily accommodate a diversity of food sellers, ranging from German specialties to exotic cuisine. These markets are affordable to students and include a social interaction aspect whereby students can meet and take meals within the markets. 

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