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California Car Shipping

We know that car shipping is not an easy process it can be daunting but with the right shipping company, you can ship your car easily and experience the smooth car shipping process. When you need to transport a car to or from california, you need to choose an expert and the professional auto transport company with expertise in California car shipping. 

How To Ship A Car To California?

If you are planning to ship your car to or from California you need a professional and experienced California car shipping company with the expertise in shipping all kinds of vehicles. The most important thing you need to consider is to choose a trustworthy auto transport company and research it and confirm whether they are experienced and professional.

Contact the shipping company submit the details of your vehicle and get a free and instant auto transport quote. Choose the trailer type and schedule the shipment of your vehicle.

What Are The Types Of California Car Shipping Services?

Open Transport
  • Open Transport

It is an open trailer with all open sides and roofs, it is a safe and fast shipping option but in this open transport your vehicle will be shipped in an open trailer and your vehicle will be exposed to the external elements. It is the most common and the affordable trailer.

  • Enclosed Transport

It doesn’t matter whether you are shipping your standard vehicles option luxury classic cars, enclosed car transport is the best method and the safest car transport option for the shipment of your car within the state or across the state. In an enclosed trailer, your vehicle will be shipped in a closed container with all closed roofs and sides. It offers high protection, and your vehicle will be transported in its original condition.

  • Door to Door Auto Shipping

Door to door shipping is the best and the convenient car shipping method, and it offers you convenience. When you choose this auto shipping method, you need not have to go to the terminal yards for the shipment of your vehicle. The driver will come to your address and will pickup and deliver your vehicle but at the time of pickup and delivery you have to be available at that place.

  • Terminal to Terminal Auto Shipping

When you choose this auto-shipping method, it is cost-effective, but you have to leave your car at the designated nearby terminal yards for the pickup, and your car will remain there until the driver comes and loads your car after the delivery of your vehicle will be unloaded at the terminal point and from there you have to get your vehicle to your address.

What is The Cost Of California Car Shipping?

California car shipping cost is calculated based on several factors such as vehicle type, distance, time of shipping, fuel cost, etc. Below, we have shared the major factors that affect shipping costs. They are

  • The shipping cost is calculated based on the total distance between the pickup and delivery location.
  • The type of trailer you choose, between open and enclosed transport, also affects the shipping cost.
  • Pickups and delivery locations for California car shipping also affect shipping costs.
  • Vehicle type, model size, and weight of the vehicle also determine the shipping cost.
  • The type of shipping method you have chosen for the shipment of your vehicle determines the shipping cost.
  • Shipping routes and locations are also a major factor that affects the shipping cost.

How Long Does It Takes To Ship A Vehicle?

California car shipping transit time depends on several factors such as trailer type, shipping route, location, etc.

  • Car shipping transit time depends on the weather conditions.
  • Seasonal depends on the market.
  • The pickup and delivery location of the shipping also affects the transit time.
  • Shipping route and route traffic affect the shipping duration.

The time taken for the shipment of your vehicle does not include the pickups and delivery time, and as soon as your vehicle arrives, you will get the live location and accurate details of your vehicle and when it will get delivered to you.

Which is The Safest Car Shipping Method?

If the safety of your vehicle is your top priority, then enclosed transport with the door to door delivery service will be the best and safest car shipping method. When you choose an enclosed transport, your vehicle will be shipped in a closed trailer, and it is the best option for transporting your luxury and premium vehicles. It not only ships your vehicle safely but also protects your vehicle from all the external elements and from all the weather and climatic conditions.

What is The Process For California Car Shipping?

  • Select the auto transport company with experience in shipping and provide them with details of your shipping such as vehicle model, trailer type, and shipping date.
  • Choose the transport type and shipping method, and get the auto transport quote instantly within minutes.
  • Once you get the quote as per your requirements, book and schedule the shipment.
  • Prepare your car before the shipping date.
  • Get your vehicle picked up from your address.
  • Get deliver your car at your given address.

How To Save Money On California Auto Shipping?

California Auto Shipping

Car shipping is expensive but with the help of the proper knowledge in auto shipping and with the right auto transport company you can save your money on shipping costs. Here we have shared a few important tips that will help you to ship your car as per your budget.

  • You have to choose the right shipping company, you have to look for the services they offer and ensure that they are professionally experienced and reliable.
  • You need to plan your car shipment to save money.
  • Choose open car transport because it is the cheapest transport and it is easily available in the market.
  • If you are flexible with the date and time of shipping avoid using the expedited car shipping method.
  • Choose terminal to terminal shipping method to save on shipping costs.
  • Ship your car during the off-season that is, during the winter season.

How To Prepare Your Car For The California Shipping?

  • Wash your car from its inside to outside.
  • Clean it properly and notice its conditions and damage, if any.
  • Remove all your personal belongings and documents from inside the car before shipping it.
  • Check the tires, battery, and other parts of your vehicle.
  • Empty the fuel tank and reduce the gas level.
  • Take photographs of your car before loading it into a trailer.
  • Inspect your car carefully.

How To Ship Your Car Safely?

  • Choose the right and trustworthy auto transport company.
  • Choose the right shipping method. Whether you need open or enclosed transport.
  • Remove all your personal items from inside a car before shipping.
  • Prepare your car properly.


When you are planning to ship a California car, the most important step is to choose a professional and trustworthy auto transport company. It not only saves time and money but also ensures you that your vehicle is in the right hands and your vehicle will be delivered to you safely in its original condition you have to hand it over to the driver at the time of pickup. So before booking, investigate everything about the shipping company.

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