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Decorating your room

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is not only popular for travel but in the past few years, it has also gained widespread popularity for providing quality education to worldwide students. There are numerous educational institutes for international students and Freie Universitaet Berlin has gained 98th place out of 1500 ranked universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2024. 

After coming to Berlin, overseas students shift to their student accommodations which are their new homes in this city. After shifting, they like to do a lot of settings and arrangements. One of the things they like to do is to personalize their Berlin student accommodation. If you are also going to live in Berlin or are already living there, you may also like to personalize your student accommodation. 

Here, you will read 8 fun ways to personalize your student accommodation Berlin

1. Try to Use Your Own Creation for Personalizing Your Space 

When you consider using your own creations, it appears to be the best way to personalize your space. You can do a lot of things for this purpose. If you like to do paintings or drawings, you can use them to hang on the wall to personalize your space. If you are living in a shared room, it can be the best way to personalize the wall on your side. 

You can put small drawings on your table also by keeping them in table frames. Besides, if you like to create something else such as making sculptures then you can use them also for the purpose of personalization. 

2. Keep Photos in Frame of Your Family and Friends 

If you keep the photographs of your family with you such as your parents, grandparents, and siblings, it gives you a feel of your home. It is also a good idea to keep those personal photos in the table frame or on the frames hung on the wall to personalize your space. It will give you the feel of your home all the time. 

Besides, keeping the photos of friends with you is also a good way to cherish and personalize your space. To keep the memories of your home country alive, you can start by keeping the pictures of your old friends with you in your native place and in your pre-university school in your home country. Later on, when you will make new friends in Berlin, you can add your pictures with your new friends. 

3. Keep a Houseplant 

Keeping a houseplant in your accommodation in Berlin is another way through which you can personalize your accommodation. It not only personalizes your room but also provides you a natural and calming environment. Besides, a houseplant also improves air quality and can help you increase productivity and concentration. 

4. Decorate Your Bed with Colorful and Well-Designed Sheets, Pillows, and Blankets 

Decoration of bed is also a great way for the personalization of your student accommodation in Berlin. You can decorate in distinct ways one of which is using colorful bedsheets. You can find bedsheets in different colors and designs in the market from which you can choose. Similarly, you can use colorful and well-designed pillow covers, which can match the bedsheets or have contrasting colors. Similarly, you can buy blankets of different colors and designs selected by you. 

Decorated room for a student.

So, don’t depend on the bedsheets, blankets, and pillows provided by your accommodation authorities, and personalize your space by arranging your own also.  

5. Make a Cozy Atmosphere with String Lights 

For adding warmth and coziness to your room, string lights provide a great way. These string lights are available in different colors and shapes. You can choose string lights, which match your personal style. 

String lights can be hung around your bed or across the ceiling.  Besides, they can create a wall display if you hang them in a pattern. These string lights are affordable as well as energy efficient. 

6. Create Bigger Space by Making Use of Mirrors 

If you want to make your accommodation room appear larger and brighter, then mirrors are a great way. Natural lights are reflected through the mirrors and an illusion of depth and space is created. Mirrors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes among which you can choose to create and stylish as well as unique look. 

Create a focal point in your room by hanging a statement mirror on the wall or leaning a full-length mirror against it. 

7. Decorate the Room with Artificial Leaf Vines 

Decorating the room with artificial leaf vines which adds more to the greenery, is also a great way to personalize your room. 

8. Hang Sceneries and Pictures of Your Role Models 

You can hang sceneries and pictures of your role models on the walls to personalize your accommodation in Berlin. This is one of the most common ways to decorate your room.

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