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Low-calorie vegan sauces that are extensively used include soy sauce, vinegar and ketchup. However, some dishes require a little more taste. Some sauces may appear innocent but are not vegan, such as regular Worcestershire, which has anchovies. Luckily, there is a vegan version, but you must read the labels carefully.

Some people think you have to give up taste for a “healthy fitness diet.” This could not be further from the truth! You don’t have to consume tasteless chicken breast, plain brown rice or steamed vegetables every time. The right choice of sauces helps get rid of fat and build muscles while keeping your tongue satisfied.

However, finding the right fit is like finding the needle in a haystack. But with Eat Water, it’s easy to get your pick. They produce low-fat vegan sauces and healthy condiments rich in protein, fats (the good ones) and fibre while containing minimal to no sugars. By using low-calorie dressings, one can live a healthy life by consuming delicious meals and adjusting them as they like. Here is a handpicked selection of 5 best low-fat vegan sauces to add to your foods for a flavoursome punch.

  • Vegan Mayo

Unlike traditional mayo, which is prepared with eggs, vegan mayo is a creamy condiment made without any animal components. This low-fat vegan sauce is usually made of plant-based ingredients, such as soy milk, almonds, or aquafaba (the liquid from canned chickpeas), combined with seasonings, oil, vinegar, and mustard. The outcome is a tasty spread that can be used for a variety of foods, including dressings, dips, and sandwiches.

  • Mustard

Most of you know this famous sauce. This condiment is very low in calories; yellow mustard, weighing 10 grams, has six calories! Most mustards also contain curcuma, a spice many studies have indicated possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties. We additionally offer turmeric-infused fats and oil-vegan mayonnaise, which we call organic turmeric paste. It is produced using fresh organic raw turmeric root and then sealed to maintain its natural oils and compounds till consumption. In Ayurveda, Turmeric or Curcumin, a naturally obtained substance, has been used for over 5,000 years. Use it as an ingredient in homemade dressings or marinades for burgers.

  • Tomato Ketchup

Why would you pass up on tomato ketchup? It is among the most common low-fat sauces for vegetarians. Slim Tomato Ketchup Slim Sauce is a low-fat topping which can be used on anything you love. Ensuring that you get to eat your favourite food and yet not eat those extra calories helps your diet move.

The possible ways of using the country’s best-loved dip are endless, from this delicious sauce where you want to dunk your pizza or pour over your fries. And best of all, it won’t affect your body!

  • Sriracha

Sriracha is one of the tastiest low calorie vegan sauces. It has low sodium content and contains capsaicin, which can lower cholesterol as well as inhibit cancer growth. Moreover, capsaicin helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and even aids in weight reduction. One tablespoon of sriracha only contains five calories! This all-purpose sauce can spice up any meal, including eggs and stir fry.

  • BBQ Sauce

The primary flavours of BBQ sauce—smoky, acidic, and sweet—are captured by vegan BBQ sauce, but it doesn’t include any animal products! To get its incredible depth, it usually contains substances like ketchup, vinegar, molasses, maple syrup, spices, and liquid smoke. It’s ideal for those with dietary limitations or searching for a cruelty-free substitute for traditional BBQ sauce. Additionally, the Slim Sauce Smoky BBQ from Eat Water is low-fat, allowing you to enjoy your meals without guilt.

Choose Eat Water For A Low-Fat Vegan Sauce

  • The Best Nutrition.

Eat Water’s commitment to excellent nutrition is evident in every sauce they make. Every ingredient choice has been carefully considered to give a strong taste without risking your health, so you can be sure that your meal will taste good and be good for you.

  • Variety of Cooking Ingredients.

These sauces are more than condiments; they are cooking companions that unlock endless creative possibilities. As either a professional chef or home cook, there are infinite ways to incorporate these low-fat vegan sauces into your meals.

  • No Quality Compromise

The company prides itself on using high-quality ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives. The result is a range of sauces that enhance your meal and live up to your commitment to clean, healthy eating.

  • Vegetarians Love the World

All the sauces featured here are vegan-friendly and part of EatWater’s broader effort toward sustainability. The company aims to choose products that contribute positively towards personal health and the planet’s wellbeing.

  • Without Wasting Resources

Have you ever heard of Eat Water’s low-fat vegan sauces? These sauces are a blend of simplicity and delicious flavours. Therefore, preparing supper can now be completed in no time without standing for long hours near the hot stove. Enhance the taste of any dish with just a few spoonfuls, save time on cooking while keeping it healthy and diverse.


The secret to a balanced life is the deep love people have for low-calorie vegan sauces that are good for both their health consciousness and eating habits. And since Eat Water pays attention to this aspect of our choices, it has become one of the great culinary creators of signature dishes made from plant-based staples in its kitchen, reflecting an unwavering commitment to nutritional excellence, super quality ingredients, and the principles of sustainability. Moreover, they guarantee tastiness, affordability, and convenience in their range of delicious and low-fat vegan sauces. So, food enthusiasts discover new flavours, play with ingredients, and relish the gratification of preparing wholesome, tasty meals with Eat Water!

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