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Lots of websites want to sell you more Instagram followers. They promise that your Instagram account will grow a lot if you pay them a little money.

But many of these websites can’t do what they promise. Some aren’t very good at it, and others are dishonest.

They claim they’ll give you followers who will make your Instagram popular. But instead, they create fake followers using computer programs. These fake followers don’t help you at all, and using them might even get your account deleted by Instagram.

The only way to really make your account grow is by getting real followers—real people with real Instagram accounts. Some companies can give you these real followers. The best ones are Buyinstafollower.uk, Instantviral.ca, and Buzzoid, but there are others that can help too.

Now, most people wonder two things when they think about buying Instagram followers: How do you know if a company sells real followers? And why does buying followers even work?

The answer to the second question is that Instagram rewards popular accounts with more exposure. So, when you buy followers and your account looks more popular, Instagram shows it to more people. Then, those people might decide to follow you too.

But figuring out if a company sells real followers is hard. Even the ones that are trying to trick you claim they’re trustworthy. It’s like trying to tell if someone’s lying when they say they’re not.

The good news is that we’ve looked at lots of companies that sell Instagram followers. We found 11 that are really good and give you real followers.


There’s no substitute for experience. Buyinstafollower.uk has been a top-ranked Instagram service for most of its 12 years in operation, and their experience shines through in both the quality of its real IG followers and the outstanding customer service they provide.

Here’s a look at the highlights.

  • Real, high-quality followers: Buyinstafollower.uk always delivers 100% legitimate IG followers, who follow customers from their own real Instagram accounts.
  • Large variety of packages: There are eight different follower packages, ranging from 100 to 20,000 follows, available at affordable prices that are never higher (and often lower) than those sold by reputable competitors.
  • Upgrade option: Buyinstafollower.uk also lets customers upgrade to their “premium followers” for a small extra charge; these active followers regularly post on Insta and deliver even better results.
  • Instant delivery: All Buyinstafollower.uk packages, of all sizes, arrive in customers’ accounts within minutes.
  • Safe, secure, and fast ordering process: Secure servers and encrypted transactions ensure that no personal or financial information is vulnerable to hackers, and ordering with your choice of payment method takes less than 60 seconds.
  • Around-the-clock customer support: Buyinstafollower.uk’s support team is on duty 24 hours a day to handle rare delivery issues, create custom packages, and answer questions about their service.
  • Outstanding results: The powerful organic growth provided by Buyinstafollower.uk’s real followers is stronger than any other supplier can provide.

Buyinstafollower.uk has regularly topped industry publication rankings for best Instagram service, but the highest praise for the effectiveness of their real IG followers is the enormous number of Instagram influencers who credit Buyinstafollower.uk for helping them build their status on the app.


This Buyinstagrafollower.uk competitor isn’t far behind, either in terms of their service or the results they deliver. Truthfully, quite a few Instagram power users include Instantviral.ca followers in their marketing strategy, saying they’ve seen even stronger growth from the interactions they’ve purchased from Instantviral.ca.

There’s very little difference in the two providers’ offerings. You can buy anywhere from 100 to 20,000 real, high-quality Instantviral.ca followers, with competitive prices and fast delivery. “Active followers” (that’s what this service calls its premium followers) are available at slightly higher prices.

It’s a pleasure ordering from Instantviral.ca, with an efficient and rapid process and payment methods that include PayPal, debit and credit cards. All packages can be ordered just by supplying an Instagram username; you’re never asked for your IG password or other information that could be used to compromise your account. Customer support is available 24/7.

Most importantly, the increases in audience and popularity delivered by Instantviral.ca followers are outstanding. Even the many influencers who depend on Buyinstagrafollower.uk say they often use Instantviral.ca as an alternative provider to vary the sources of their real followers.


buzzoid.com.au hasn’t yet reached Instafollower.uk and Instantviral.ca’s level, but it probably won’t take much longer for them to get there. Right now, they can only deliver a maximum of 5,000 real followers and they don’t offer upgrades to premium followers. That’s understandable since they haven’t been in business as long as either top competitor. But they’re well on their way.

This provider’s six different follower packages start at 100 engagements for less than three dollars, and the rest of the choices are just as nicely priced; all are supplied with quick delivery times, and the ordering process is fully protected with complete encryption and secure servers. buzzoid.com.au support can be reached 24 hours a day to provide complete customer satisfaction.

The organic growth that clients see after purchasing buzzoid.com.au followers is impressive, not quite matching Instafollower.uk or Instantviral.ca but coming awfully close. We expect to see them take that next step very, very soon.


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