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If you’re looking for an interesting and a laugh-stuffed way to spend your day in Mumbai, then Bounce in Malad is the location to be. This trampoline park in Mumbai gives quite a few sports that cater to all age and fitness types. Located in Infiniti Mall, Bounce provides the correct environment for an active time out, whether or not you’re with family, friends, or even flying solo. Here are ten thrilling activities you definitely should try at Bounce.

  1. Jump Arena

The Jump Arena is the heart of any trampoline park, and Bounce is no exception. This vast area is full of interconnected trampolines that permit you to soar to your coronary heart’s content material. Perfect for both novices and skilled jumpers, the Jump Arena is in which you could practice your moves, experience the liberty of bouncing, and honestly have fun.

  1. Dodgeball Arena

One of the most famous sights at Bounce in Malad is the Dodgeball Arena. Combining the conventional sport of dodgeball with the joys of trampolines, this arena takes the sport to an entire new degree. Gather your pals and shape groups to interact in a fast-paced, excessive-energy wherein you could keep away from, duck, and dive even as bouncing.

  1. Slam Dunk

Ever dreamed of creating that perfect slam dunk? The Slam Dunk region at this trampoline park in Mumbai makes it possible. With trampolines mainly up to basketball hoops of various heights, you can exercise your jumps and revel in the excitement of slamming the ball into the internet, regardless of your height or talent level.

  1. High Performance Area

For those looking to take their trampolining to the subsequent degree, the High Performance Area is a must-go to. This segment capabilities high-performance trampolines that offer more height and soar, allowing superior jumpers to perform marvelous flips and tricks. It’s additionally ready with walls for wall-running stunts, adding some other measurement to your trampoline experience.

  1. Big Bag

The Big Bag is an outsized airbag designed to seize you appropriately as you perform aerial hints. Jump, flip, or sincerely unfasten-fall onto the tender cushion below. It’s a terrific way to exercise new movements without the fear of harm. The Big Bag is appropriate for every age and is perfect for novice and skilled jumpers looking to attempt something new.

  1. X-Park Adventure Course

Bounce in Malad also features the X-Park, a journey path that mixes elements of parkour and trampolining. This difficult obstacle route is designed to check your agility, energy, and coordination as you navigate through various barriers. From swinging ropes to balance beams and mountaineering partitions, the X-Park offers an adrenaline-pumping experience for thrill-seekers.

  1. Wall Climb

If you experience hiking, the Wall Climb at Bounce is the activity for you. This hiking wall is geared up with one-of-a-kind routes to in shape climbers of all skill ranges. The added twist? You can climb up after which bounce back down onto a trampoline. It’s a laugh and particular manner to combine hiking and trampolining in a single interest.

  1. Toddler Zone

Bounce guarantees that even the infants will have a tremendous time with their committed Toddler Zone. This area is in particular designed for younger youngsters, with smaller trampolines, gentle play system, and a safe environment where they can bounce and play. It’s the perfect spot for toddlers to burn off some power even as parents can loosen up knowing their kids are secure.

  1. Fitness Classes

For the ones trying to live in a suit and have a laugh, Bounce gives trampoline health instructions. These lessons contain trampolining right into a workout routine, imparting a low-effect, excessive-power exercising that’s super for cardiovascular health, muscle toning, and standard fitness. The classes are led through expert teachers and are appropriate for all health tiers.

  1. Themed Events and Parties

Bounce in Malad is also a perfect venue for themed activities and events. Whether it’s a birthday party, company occasion, or a unique birthday party, Bounce affords customized birthday party applications that consist of getting right of entry to all the trampoline park activities, personal celebration rooms, and catering options. It’s an amusing and noteworthy manner to rejoice on any occasion.


Bounce in Malad offers an extensive variety of sports that make it one of the top destinations for a laugh and excitement in Mumbai. From the Jump Arena to the X-Park Adventure Course, there’s something for all and sundry at this trampoline park in Mumbai. Whether you’re looking to practice your flips, play a sport of dodgeball, or host a celebration, Bounce gives a completely unique and thrilling experience.

Next time you’re planning a day out, remember heading to Infiniti Mall and spending your day at Bounce. Not most effective will you have an unforgettable time, however you’ll also get a remarkable exercise at the same time as you’re at it. So, accumulate your pals and own family, and get geared up to jump, flip, and feature a blast at Bounce in Malad!

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