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For more than a century, students from different corners of the world, plan to study abroad for their higher education. There are several reasons behind this which may vary depending upon the students. Some students find another nation’s education, education system, or degree in a specific subject better than their countries whereas some others go abroad for international exposure. 

Whatever the reason is, it is for sure that you need to do some preparations before going abroad for your higher education. Here, you will get 10 essential tips for preparing to study abroad. 

1. Apply for Passport and Visa 

A passport and visa are your foremost requirements for going abroad. Therefore, this is one of the prominent things you need to do for the preparations for studying abroad. You need to understand the eligibility criteria to apply and submit your application to the concerned authorities. 

2. Find and Book Accommodation Online 

Gone are the days when students used to book accommodation after reaching their host cities. Today, due to the availability of online sources, students start searching for and booking accommodation before the commencement of their journey to their host cities. 

You can start seeing accommodations after reaching your host city also but it is advised to you to search for accommodation at least three months before your journey since you may find it difficult to get accommodation according to your preferences and budget in the nick of time. Besides, the prices of accommodations in different cities in the world increase as the time of the commencement of the university session comes closer. 

Today, you find online student accommodation service platforms where you can find lists of accommodations available in different cities in the world. For instance, if you want to find student accommodation Porto (Portugal), you need to enter “Porto” in the search box of the platform and you will find a list of student accommodations in this city. You can also read the details of different accommodations on the same platform. 

3. Get Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, or Both 

To manage your medical and non-medical expenses, you are also required to get travel insurance, health insurance, or both. You can get these insurance covers also with the help of online student accommodation service platforms. 

4. Visit a Doctor 

You need to make sure that you are in good health before starting your journey to your host country. Therefore, visiting a doctor is one of the things you need to do to prepare to study abroad. You should also bring along a copy of your medical records so that you can present them in the case of any emergency abroad. 

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5. Research About the Customs of Your Destination 

Every country has different customs, and you should also take some time to familiarize yourself with the customs of your host country. You should know about its culture and history so that you can immerse in its culture easily, which will make things easier for you while staying there. 

6. Learn About Other Aspects of Your Host Country 

Apart from history and culture, you should also learn about the other aspects of your host country such as economy, geography, and government. It will also help you a lot in adjusting to your host country. 

7. Increase and Refresh Your Language Skills 

Before going to your host country, it is a good idea to learn basic phrases of the language of your host country for your survival. For instance, if you are going to Portugal, you should learn some basic phrases of Portuguese. It will be even better if you go into the details of that language. 

8. Open a Student Bank Account 

Opening a student bank account is a good way to manage your finances. You can open it easily nowadays with the help of online student accommodation service platforms. 

9. Do the Necessary Shopping 

Shop the necessary things that you want to keep with you while going abroad, such as books, new clothes, toiletries, etc. 

10. Make a Packing List 

Don’t forget to make a packing list, so that you d

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